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group contract

Group Name -
Team member Names
Team leader(s)
Project details
Decision-making policy
How will you make decisions?
Who decides when a section of a paper needs rewriting/editing?
How will you decide when the final assessment quality is ready for submission?
What strategies will you use to ensure cooperation and equal distribution of tasks?
What strategies will you use to ensure each member of the group achieves the
Learning Outcomes for this Assessment?
What strategies will you use to keep members on task?
What are the expectations for attending group work meetings? How often are the
meetings going to be? When/where are you going to meet?
How soon do you need to notify your group members that you cannot attend the
What are the rules around punctuality, attendance percentage?
How will you record attendance/punctuality of attendees?
While constructive conflict is expected in a group, what will you do if it interferes with
the project?
What if a member of the group does not participate in group meetings?
What if a member of the group does not complete their part of the assignment?
What if you have discussed with the team member about their behaviour that is
affecting the group and there is no change?
When will you get the lecturer involved if there is a conflict?
List meetings and general overview of tasks for each meeting. Who will record the agenda
and minutes from the meetings?
How do you expect the team to communicate?
What is the expected response time?
Where will you post/share/edit the work as you write papers, readings etc?
Other rules that the group would like to include