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NoodleTools SetUp fall 2019

Using NoodleTools for your Research Assignments
Part One – Set up the Project on NoodleTools
Access Noodlebib through the LPC Library (link below). It is important you
access this site this way because the library pays a subscription for the
version of Noodlebib we will be using. (Other versions online do not have
all the features we will use for this assignment)
You will be prompted to enter your W number and passcode.
Then you should be at the Noodlebib registration page.
Once you have access to Noodlebib, follow these steps:
1. If you are a new user, click “Register”: Follow the directions to login to Noodlebib
2. If you have used Noodlebib before, click “Log in” and enter your ID and password
→ If you cannot remember your personal ID and/or your password, click the I
forgot my password link, select the A subscription I have access to through
my library, school or district option on the next screen, and then enter your
personal ID and last four digits of your phone number on the next screen. A
password hint will be displayed on the screen. If you still aren’t sure of your
password after viewing the password hint, contact librarian Frances Hui
([email protected]). She can log in to the subscription management
area to find or reset your login information.
→ Clicking the checkbox titled Remember me will direct NoodleBib to save your
login data, so that the next time you visit NoodleBib your personal ID and
password will be automatically filled in for you. Do not use this feature when you
are accessing the site from a public location (school, library, etc.).
→ If your login is successful, you will see your personal folder (with “My
Projects” at the top).
3. Create a new project
To create a new project, be sure you are logged in and see a blue “My Projects” tab at the
upper left of the screen. Click the green “+new project” tab which is just above the “my
projects” tab.
On the Create a New Project screen, you must provide some information before
NoodleTools allows you to begin a project:
→ Project Title:
Last Name_First Name_ Paper 4_fall19_English 1ADE
→ Citation Style: MLA
→ Citation Level: IMPORTANT: Select “Advanced”
At the bottom of the screen, click Submit to begin the new project.
Part Two – Share your Noodlebib Project with me:
Sharing a project
→ Open the project you just created for English 1ADE and then go to the “Sharing
and collaboration” section on the project Dashboard screen.
→ Go to “Sharing” and click on the “Share with a project inbox” tab.
→ Enter this Project inbox name where prompted:
Paper 4 fall 2019 O'Herin English 1ADE
Side Note: The name will auto-complete as you begin to type, so once you
see the right one, just select it from the dropdown list. Don’t click on the first
“O’Herin” you see (I have other classes); be sure to look for the one that includes
“Paper 4,” “fall 2019” and “1ADE”
→ Click Done.
→ Our class should now show up under the “Project Inbox” in the “Sharing” section
of your dashboard.
(If you would like some visual aid, this link will take you step-by-step through the
“sharing” process:
Once you share the project with me, I will have access to all your
Noodlebib research work. This is what I will be checking throughout
Unit 4 to evaluate your Research Assignments and provide feedback
(in the Comments box at the bottom of your Project page).
NoodleTools also keeps track of dates and times when you complete
work (bibliography entries, note cards, outline, etc.), so I will use this
tool to check whether you’ve completed the work by due dates.
If you experience any technical problems with Noodlebib, please contact
LPC librarian Frances Hui ([email protected]).