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Mock Exam 2 - Writing Part Two

Short report; 218 words / Machlon Watkin / Student No. 500727527
Assessment Promotion Agency
This report aims to outline the advertising agency campaign consists of including its
advantages and shortcomings as per below.
It is found that the agency has done an extensive research to have a good understanding of
our market and consumer behaviour. Therefore, the advertising company could show us
many creative ideas.
Furthermore, the advertising campaign consists of generating traffic to our website by using
search engines. Besides, running ads on industry website and targeted e-mail newsletters
and call the prospects to further determine the next steps. Creating an intriguing story and
slogan which can easily stick with the (potential) customers.
High-quality of the advertising agency;
Effective marketing methods used;
Highly experienced Copywriter, which is underrated.
The number of hours spends on the campaign;
Unfamiliarity with our product, which has led to too many meetings;
The costs of the campaign are higher than expected.
The obvious conclusion to be drawn from these facts is that the agency has done an
outstanding job, which has resulted in new customers. However, the number of dollars spent
on the campaign is not economically feasible.
Accordingly, it is suggested to review and eventually assess the possibilities of hiring
creative employees. Moreover, Business case studies have shown that this increase the
profitability in the long-term.