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Project Quality Questions

1- Quality audits are an important part of quality management because?
A. They allow for quantification of the risk
B. They randomly audit product results to see if they are meeting quality standards
C. They check to see if the quality process is being followed
D. They are conducted without prior notice and do not allow team members time to cover up defects
2-Plan Quality includes all of the following outputs EXCEPT:
A. Quality Management Plan
B. Accepted deliverables
C. Operational definitions
D. Checklists
3-All of the following are true quality statements EXCEPT:
A . Quality improvement depends upon better definition and increased awareness of the
B. Project quality management must address both management of the project and the product of the
C. Recognition of key actions required of each team member is necessary to meet quality objectives
D. Computer-aided design systems can improve quality but only at the expense of an increase in the cost
of design
4- Which of the following is NOT a part of the Plan Quality process?
A. Benchmarking
B. Audits
C. Cost benefit analysis
D. Design of experiments
5- A project manager wants to perform a code review, but over two million lines of code have already
been written for this project, and more are being produced every day. Rather than reviewing each line
of code, the manager should consider:
A. Automated testing tools
B. Trend analysis
C. Statistical sampling
D. Regression analysis
6- A customer is concerned that the quality process is not being followed as laid out in the quality
management plan. The best way to see if this claim is accurate is:
A. Random sampling
B. Kaizen
C. Personally participate in the quality inspections
D. Audits
7- A customer is concerned that the quality process is not being followed as You are in charge of
managing a software development project which is related to simulations for driving racing cars. In one
of your team meetings - it has been reported that a lot of issues have been reported in the air tunnel
modeling module. On deeper analysis - it is found that many of the issues could have been prevented, if
a simple code review checklist been used. You prepare a code review checklist and ensure the code is
reviewed as per the checklist. This is a good example of :
A. Corrective Action
B. Defect Repair
C. Preventive Action
D. Quality Control
8- Reduced quality on a project would MOST likely lead to which of the following:
A. Rework and increased cost risk
B. Increased inspections and decreased cost
C. Absenteeism and decreased cost
D. Reduced quality limits
9- In the process of managing a construction project, you discover a very serious defect in the way one
particular section has been built. Your engineers analyze the section of the building and decide that the
problem is actually relatively minor. In which process are you involved?
A. Plan Quality
B. Perform Quality Assurance
C. Perform Quality Control
D. Project Quality Management
10 - You are responsible for managing a project that deals with laying out a freeway connecting two
major port cities. Progress on the project has been smooth and you and your team are very confident on
completing the project well within the stipulated timelines. On reviewing you see that the project has
also run below the budget resulting in savings. You decide to add an extra feature of reflector strips on
the road every mile. You do a quick calculation and are satisfied that neither budget nor schedule will
slip. You feel that by adding these extra features you could also bag some future projects as well. This is
an example of
A. Scope Creep
B. Gold Plating
C. Fast Tracking
D. Integrated Change Control
11- The project quality management process must:
A. Address the quality of management and product
B. Improve the project management and quality of the product
C. Ensure that the project satisfies customer requirement
D. All of the above