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Science Grade 5 Chapter 4 NB Day 4

Subject- Science
Day 4A. Key Terms:1. Architecture- The art or practice of designing and constructing buildings.
2. Climate- The weather conditions prevailing in an area in general or over a long period.
3. Concrete- Building material that is made by mixing together cement, sand, small stones
and water.
4. Caravan-A caravan is a vehicle, which can be pulled behind a car or truck.
5. Cottage-Cottages are small old-fashioned houses often found in the countryside
6. Dormitory-Dormitories are similar to apartments and common in college and university
7. Motel-A hotel located close to a major road and mostly used by travelers who wish to
rest while making long road trips.
8. Skyscraper-A skyscraper is a very tall new style building. You will see many
skyscrapers in nearly every city around the world.
B. Short Answer Questions:
Q.1. What are the three factors that determine the type of house to be built?
Answer: The three factors that determine the type of house to be built are:
a. climate of a place,
b. materials available, and
c. the budget.
Q.2. Name any six materials used for building a house.
Answer: The six materials used for building a house are bricks, stones, concrete, glass, iron and
Q.3. Before building a house, who makes the plan of the house?
Answer: Before building a house, an architect makes a plan of the house.
Q.4. Write three characteristics of a good house.
Answer: The characteristics of a good house are given below:
a. A good house should be sun facing to get plenty of sunlight.
b. The walls of the house must be strong, damp-proof and well plastered.
c. Doors and windows must have wire-netting.
C. Value based questions.
Q.1. Houses in hot places need to be cool from inside. What are the special features of such
Answer: Houses in hot places have thick walls and flat roofs. Thick walls keep the inside of the
house cool. Flat roofs can be used for sleeping outdoors.
Q.2. What are the special features of houses where it rains heavily?
Answer: In places where it rains heavily, houses are often built on stilts. These houses, built a
few feet above the ground on raised platforms, remain safe from floods. They also have sloping
Q.3. How are the houses in the hills different from those in the plains?
Answer:In the hills, houses have sloping roofs. They do not allow rainwater or snow to collect
and make them damp and cold. In the plains, however, houses have flat roofs used for sleeping