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Choice Board
Choose any 2 of the following activities to complete and turn in before the end of class. This
will be counted as a grade. Try to use our current vocabulary but you may use older words if
necessary. However, do NOT use any words we have not yet studied.
Crossword Puzzle
Shape Poem
Create a crossword puzzle with
at least 5 current vocabulary
words. Clues must be complete
sentences in Spanish.
Draw a picture using your
current vocabulary words as
the shapes. For example, if you
drew pizza you would write the
word pizza over and over again
in the shape of pizza. Use at
least 5 vocabulary words.
Create a gameboard with at
least 15-20 questions using our
current vocabulary and/or
cultural questions OR different
Acrostic Poem
Create a picture story using
vocabulary words from the
current unit. For example:
Use your current vocabulary to
create an acrostic poem by
writing one word vertically in
Spanish and then writing more
vocabulary words horizontally
from the vertical word.
Create a set of picture
flashcards for at least 10 of
your current vocabulary
Take a familiar tune and create
a new song based on your
current vocabulary and
Write a 10 question interview
using our current vocabulary
and then interview a neighbor
and record their responses.
Write a 5 question survey using
as much current vocabulary as
possible. Then survey at least 3
other students recording their
Poema en diamante
Store Ad
Write a paragraph using as
much current vocabulary as
possible that ends up in the
shape of a loose diamond. Use
at least 10 vocabulary words.
Create an ad for a fictional
store in Spanish. Highlight at
least 10 products using words
from the current vocabulary
Write a haiku in Spanish based
on the current vocabulary unit.
A haiku is a three line poem.
The first line has 5 syllables, the
second line has 7 syllables, and
then the last line has 5 syllables
Tengo un
. Write at
least 10 sentences using your
vocabulary words.