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APT Block Project Proposal

School of Engineering
IMEN 551
Engineering Project Management
Project Proposal
Ferdinand Alemán González
mayo 8, 2020
[email protected]
Project Proposal
One of the biggest issues that we face in today's society is ensuring that our family and
property are safe and sound at all times. Vandalism and burglary are sadly increasing along with the
attempts of trying to make are homes safer to live in. The main problems here are safety from
vandalism, access control for the apartments and burglary.
The families that live in Palma Real Apartments need to know that security and safety can
be provided for them during the day and night. Also, they need to know that the entrances to the
apartments will be restricted so that the amount of robberies can be reduced. In a three month
period, many vandalism acts have happened. Graffiti, robberies, car speeding, sexual harassment,
and personal attacks are among the events that have encouraged the citizens of these apartments to
step forward and start a plan to protect their properties and family. Along with a security guard that
the residents have asked the town to provide, they also want the manager of the apartments to install
video surveillance cameras around the apartments. This project is required to ensure the well being
of the residents and their loved ones. A recent act of vandalism caused some citizens start a
movement and collect data from other citizens so they can all benefit from this idea. The purpose is
for each household to protect their own property with the help of cameras at the same time creating
a safer neighborhood.
The main problem here is the fears of citizens and their families to be harm or to become a
victim of any crime. Since the citizens have no one to secure the area where they live, many
burglaries have broken into the apartments and robbed. Out of seventy two (72) apartments, at least
twenty six (26) of them have notified authorities about breaking and entering. That is twenty five
(25) percent of the people that leave there. Sixty two percent of those cases have been to families
with children. In the last three months, thirteen cases of vandalism have been reported to the
authorities including graffiti, breaking car windshields and apartment glass windows and throwing
liquor glass bottles to houses. A couple of citizens have been attacked while stepping out of their
cars. In addition, when girls come from school, they regularly face indecent comments from people
that do not live in the apartments. Car speeding is also among the problems. Many outsiders have
been speeding in this neighborhood. These citizens have been facing these problems since one (1)
year when they initially constructed the apartments. The apartment’s owner have talked to the
authorities and asked for them to inspect the area from time to time.
The customer plans to install eight (8) network ready surveillance cameras per every apartment
building. There are nine (9) apartment buildings with eight (8) apartments each. He also plans to
install two (2) cameras in the pool area, one (1) in the small weight room, four (4) in the children
park and sixteen (16) around the streets of the apartments and the parking. That is a total of ninety
five (95) video surveillance cameras. Every camera will be viewed and controlled from the main
office. Since the cameras are network ready, every building will have a small switch to where the
cameras will be connected. The switches will also be connected to the main office. This system will
allow the customer to view the cameras from the office as well as from the web. A server will be
installed in the main office capable of recording all ninety five (95) cameras for twenty (20) days.
Six-hour training will be provided for the owner and the managers or any other person that the
owner trusts to do this job. By installing the video surveillance system, the manager will be able to
lower the vandalism, control the access and provide a safer environment for the people that live in
Palma Real Apartments.
By the end of this project, every resident in these apartments will notice that the vandalism
acts have decreased by about 95% and that with the correct use of this system, they will be able to
relax more and live in an trustful environment for them and their family.