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Meiosis Review

Review of Meiosis
1. What is the purpose of meiosis?
2. Describe how the following events during meiosis are helping to increase variation among daughter
a. Crossing Over
b. Independent Assortment
3. For each of the events in the table below put a check mark in the column for mitosis, meiosis I, and/or
meiosis II if it occurs during that process:
A. Doubled chromosomes align in center of cell
B. Homologous chromosomes pair to form tetrads
C. Daughter cells are identical to parent cell
D. Sister chromatids are pulled apart
E. Chromosome number is reduced by half
F. Daughter cells are genetically different from the parent cell
G. Homologous chromosomes are separated
H. Crossing over
I. Independent assortment
J. Tetrads, or pairs of homologous chromosomes, align in the
center of the cell
Meiosis I Meiosis II