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socres activity 1

Clemente, Moira Lou J.
SOCRES - Activity 1
March 27, 2020
1. Metro Manila is the place where most of big and small corporations are operating. With
the current situation of our country because of Ncov do you agree to change the structure
of the different organizations to skeletal form? Why?
I agree with changing the structure to skeletal form of the different organizations.
Health should always be the main priority and it should never be sacrificed nor risked.
However, even with a skeletal form, proper measures should be ensured with the
employees who are working (e.g. social distancing and wearing of PPEs). Another reason
why I agree with such structure is that employees with a “no work, no pay” policy would
2. Look for 2 articles or case study about Corporate Governance.
Yong, A. A. (2015). Alibaba: Open Sesame. In Corporate Governance Case Studies (Vol. 4).
CPA Australia Ltd. Retrieved from https://www.cpaaustralia.com.au/~/
Corporate Governance Assessment Project : The Coca Cola Company. (n.d.).
3. Read the articles, identify the different importance of having Corporate Governance and
explain how companies will achieve their goals of fulfilling their social responsibilities to
the society by the help of Corporate Governance.
According to the first cited case study, Alibaba only has a 28-man partnership
structure of that which are not the board of directors. The purpose of this partnership
structure, according to Ma, is to ensure that the company is operated by “a group of
people who are passionate about the company and are mission-driven.” This view is
supported by Joe Tsai, Group Executive Vice-Chairman, who believes the partnership
structure helps to preserve the company’s innovative culture even if the initial
founders leave the company, assuring the company of a long-term strategic focus
rather than myopic or short-term gains. Alibaba’s consistency when it comes to its
leadership would also lead to their consistency in achieving their long-term goals and
their responsibilities to the society.
On the other hand, according to the stated article, part of the corporate
governance framework of Coca-Cola is based on comprehensive allocation of
resources that includes reuse of recycled bottles, cans and use of plant bottles. This
already pushes the company to fulfill their social responsibility. Furthermore,
another part of their framework is the recognition of the established rights of
stakeholders that could create jobs. Another social responsibility of the company that
could be fulfills through their corporate governance framework.