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Andrew Grauer
Gregor Carrigan
CEO & Cofounder
CTO & Cofounder
Andrew cofounded Course Hero in 2006 while attending Cornell
Gregor joined Andrew to cofound Course Hero when he
University. He leads Course Hero's vision, mission, strategy,
graduated from Cornell University in 2007. He leads Course
values, and culture. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys tennis,
Hero’s strategic direction by working with team leads on major
cycling, hiking, and squash. And most importantly, he thrives on
technical projects and goals. He is also heavily involved with the
making memories with his family and friends through food,
growth team and he’s passionate about web technology, retrieval
activities travel music and experiences Andrew holds a BA in
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practice and radical candor In his spare time he enjoys hiking
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Genevieve Conaty
Devin Dworak
Vice President, Design
Vice President, Business Operations
Genevieve leads Course Hero’s Design team. Her focus is to
Devin leads Course Hero’s Business Operations team. His focus
make us the most customer-centric company we can be. Her
is building scalable systems and processes to ensure operational
most recent adventure has been learning to sail on the San
excellence across content development, customer experience,
Francisco Bay. She has a BS in Mathematical & Computational
and the tutor marketplace. Devin holds a BS in Biomedical
Science from Stanford University and a Masters in Human-
Engineering from Northwestern University. In his spare time, he
Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University Her
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enjoys making pizza exploring beaches and playing games with
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Kris Espiritu
Hemant Gokhale
Vice President, Finance
Vice President, Engineering
Kris leads Course Hero’s Finance and Accounting team with a
As VP of Engineering at Course Hero, Hemant’s focus is on
focus on enabling the effective prioritization of business initiatives
scaling our team and platform, leading to rapid, sustainable
in a scalable manner. Prior to Course Hero, Kris was VP of
growth. His professional interests include highly scalable and
Strategic FP&A (Financial Planning and Analysis) at Shutterfly
available SaaS platforms and Agile software development
and held various leadership roles at eBay and Applied Materials.
techniques. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering from IIT
She has a BS in Industrial Engineering from Stanford and an MBA
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Bombay His favorite book is Illusions by Richard Bach
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Tara Graham
Andrew Nesbit
Vice President, Educators
Vice President, Marketing and Partnerships
Tara leads Course Hero’s educator product, community,
Andrew leads Course Hero’s Marketing and Partnership teams.
partnership, marketing, and brand initiatives. Before joining the
He leverages his experience in finance, product management,
team, she taught online research and media production classes
and content development to create and execute go-to-market
at the University of California, Berkeley. Her background is in
strategies. He applies an analytical rigor to growth marketing
journalism, though she has spent the last decade launching
initiatives and thoughtfully builds and promotes Course Hero’s
educational initiatives producing content developing
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brand In his spare time he enjoys traveling rooting for the Cal
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Tomas Pueyo
Harriet Seitler
Vice President, Growth
Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer
Tomas leads all growth initiatives at Course Hero, including
Harriet Seitler leads the shaping and delivery of Course Hero’s
supply and demand, across product and marketing. In his spare
core objective to be the trusted learning destination, for both
time, he likes understanding the why behind everything, especially
students and educators. She previously spent 25 years in
how humans think—or don’t. He writes about his findings in his
marketing for Oprah Winfrey as an Emmy Award–winning CMO
Growth series on Medium. He’s also written a book and given a
for OWN, The Oprah Winfrey Network, and for Harpo Studios,
TEDx Talk about storytelling structure His favorite book is Daniel
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where she led key programs such as Oprah’s Australian
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Mabel So
Josh Tyler
Chief of Staff
Executive Vice President, Engineering
Governed by an impenetrable belief in meaningful process, Mabel
Josh is proud to have grown the Course Hero Engineering team
facilitates the executive team’s effectiveness and execution of
sixfold since joining in 2014, and he enjoys helping engineers
goals, along with supporting organizational operations and
derive meaning and fulfillment from their work. His technical
making everything better for everyone. Outside of work, she
interests span web development, consumer products, UX/UI
spends much of her time attending to the whims and fancies of
design, AI, and algorithmic complexity. In his spare time, he enjoys
her two bulldogs while also binge watching police procedurals
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snowboarding reading traveling woodworking and gardening
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Steve Van Horne
Ankur Varma
Chief Operating Officer;
Chief Product Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Ankur leads Course Hero’s Growth, Product Management,
Steve leads Course Hero’s Business Operations, Corporate
Design, and Content Development teams. He specializes in
Operations, and Finance teams. He specializes in helping high-
identifying unique market opportunities, creating business
growth companies scale and prosper, as well as driving strategy,
strategy, and launching new products. In his spare time, he enjoys
operational efficiencies, and business organization evolution.
creating fusion recipes, playing tennis, volunteering at his kids’
Steve spends his free time with his family and loves sailing,
schools and studying mathematics Ankur holds a BS and MS in
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traveling organic gardening and building stuff out of wood Steve
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Nick Zakula
Director, Product Management
Nick joined Course Hero when he graduated from UCLA in 2011.
Nick leads Course Hero’s proprietary content strategy and is
responsible for scaling the tutor marketplace, producing the
Premium Q&A product, and creating literature study guides and
videos. Nick is passionate about creating products that
customers use and love In his spare time he enjoys hiking
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Board of Directors
Gokul Rajaram
Andrew Grauer
Caviar Lead, DoorDash;
CEO and Cofounder, Course Hero
Former Head of AdSense, Google
Frederick Grauer, Ph.D.
Mark L. Feldman, Ph.D.
Senior Advisor, Course Hero;
Founder, Five Frogs Ventures;
Former Chairman and CEO, Barclays Global Investors
Former Head of Global M&A, PwC
Ravi Viswanathan
Mark Klein
Founder & Managing Partner, NewView Capital
Chief Executive Officer, President & Director, Sutter Rock Capital
Kurt Landgraf
Arthur Levine
President, Washington College
President, Woodrow Wilson Foundation
Kurt Landgraf spent 13 years as the president and CEO of
Prior to his 2006 appointment as the sixth president of the
Education Testing Service (ETS) and has extensive experience in
Woodrow Wilson Foundation, Dr. Levine was president and
economics, sociology, labor-relations management, and
professor of education at Teachers College, Columbia University,
marketing. As an instructor at several universities across the
and previously served as chair of the higher education program,
country, including Princeton, Pennsylvania State, and Western
chair of the Institute for Educational Management, and senior
Michigan Landgraf has a grasp on where students are asking for
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lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Education Dr Levine
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Deborah Quazzo
Managing Partner, GSV AcceleraTE
Deborah is the Managing Partner of GSV Ventures, an early stage
venture capital fund investing in education and workforce
technology entrepreneurs disrupting the $6 trillion sector. In
addition, she is Co-founder of the ASU GSV Summit and Founder
and Senior Advisor of GSV Advisors. Now in its 11th year, the ASU
GSV Summit celebrates innovations and innovators across the
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