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Economic Personal Investigation 2020

Economic Personal Investigation 2020
Research a specific Economic topic of interest using proper research skills and demonstrating
further knowledge in the selected field.
1- Title heading your research. (1 mark)
China-America Trade War in 2018-2020
2- Introductory paragraph where you present your research, guiding, inquiry question and
set the context. (2 marks)
3- Highlight the arguments that you will be making in your paper. (1 mark)
4- Break down your arguments in 3 manageable points. (3 marks)
5- Conclude your research by summarizing the points you tried to make in answering your
research question. (2 mark)
6- Bibliography - minimum 3 varied sources (1 mark)
7- You can use APA or MLA style guides.
8- Typed, Times New Roman, font 12, double spaced, emailed or uploaded on TEAMS, no
later than Monday, May 11, 3pm.