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Fildena 100

Fildena 100 | Safe To Use Trusted Fildena 100
A person living with Erectile dysfunction has a low volume of cGMP— a
neurotransmitter which is in charge of conveying the brain’s s*xual messages to the
penis triggering an erection.
But an enzyme present in the body called Phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) hinders
the concentration of cGMP in the body. This instantly affects the penile erection as
there is a hindrance in the function of cGMP neurotransmitter.
As the PDE5 shoots up and cGMP falls, the muscles and veins in the p*nis lose the
versatility. They contract to bar blood from going into the penis, keeping the p*nis
from gaining a firm erection.
As referenced, Sildenafil—the dynamic segment of the prescription—goes into the
circulatory system and goes about restraining the activity of PDE5 and raising the
degree of cGMP.
The better the cGMP level gets, the higher are the odds for the p*nis to gain a firm
erection due to sexual incitement.
Sildenafil-packed Fildena 100mg relaxes the muscles and nerves and expands the
penile tissues. This allows for a higher blood flow in the penile region, which results
in a successful erection.