MODALS 1° parcial

Facultad de Lenguas Extranjeras
Gramática Inglesa
Primer parcial “Modals”
Instrucciones: Elige la respuesta correcta
1.- Megan ____ play both the piano and the guitar.
a.- would b.-can c.-must d.- should
2.- Start eating without me, I ____ be late.
c.-might d.-would
3- You ____ wear a helmet when riding your bike.
a.- must
b.- can
c.-would d.-may
4.- ____ you help me with my homework?
a.- May b.-Must c.-Would d.- Can
5.- I know it's difficult, but we ____ succeed!
a.- might b.-would c.-ought to d.-will
6.- That cut looks infected, you ____ go to the doctor.
a.-might b.-should c.- will d.-would
7.- I ____ eat my dinner last night, my stomach hurt.
a.- couldn't b.- can't c.-mustn't d.- won't
8.- Glen ____ come with us to the movies if he finishes his work.
a.- would b.- ought to c.- may d.- must
9.- I____ like to learn English someday.
a.- can b.- will c.- would d.- must
10.- We ____ break the window because we locked the keys inside the car
a.- had to b.- could c.-should d.-would
11.- ____ you help me?
a.- Can b.-May
12.- They ____ practice more if they want to win the championship.
a.- may b.- might c.- should d.- would
13.- You ____ not drink and drive.
a.- may
b.- might
c.- would
d.- must
Valor: 25 pts.
14.- ____ you always be late?
a.- May
b.- Might
c.- Would
15.- I ____ like to go to New York someday.
a.- may b.- will c.- should c.- would
16.- They ____ to work less.
a.- may b.- ought c.- should
d.- must
17.- It ____ be dangerous to drive if you are tired.
a. can b.- shall c.- ought d.- should
18.- ____ you help me move?
a.- Might b.- Will c.- Ought to d.- Should
19.- You look ill. You ____ go to the doctor.
a.- may b.- can
c.- should d.- might
20.- You ____ smoke in the theater.
a.- mustn't b.-couldn´t c.-wouldn´t d.-shouldn´t
21.-The chemist's was open, so luckily I .................. buy some aspirin.
a.- can b.- can't
c.- did can d.- was able to
22.-Susan has to work very hard. I.............. do her job, I'm sure.
a.-can't b.- couldn't c.- don't d.- shouldn't
23.-We had a party last night ..................spend all morning clearing up the mess.
a.-I must have b.- I've been to
c.-I've had to
d.- I've must
24.-There was no one else at the box office. I.................... .in a queue.
a.- didn't need to wit b.-mustn't wait c.-needn't have waited
d.-needn't wait.
25.-...........I carry that bag for you? ~ Oh, thank you.
a.- Do
b.- Shall
c.- Will