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Task 5 (feb 8)

Underline the object once and adverbial twice in each sentence.
1. My friend works at the grocery store.
2. We went to the pool to swim.
3. I went to sleep after midnight.
4. Jack went outside for some fresh air.
5. After the show, we went skating.
6. She left with a smile.
7. She saw the cat on the porch.
8. My friend and I decided to take a walk this morning.
9. He will meet me here at 4 o’clock.
10. Beth cried because of her dog’s dying.
11. The dog barked all night while I was trying to sleep.
12. The boy laughed loudly.
13. Small earthquakes almost can occur anywhere on earth.
14. These two regions also have active volcanoes.
15. Don’t call him stupid, he is so sensitive.