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G3 EVS-Online worksheet-Birds

Grade 3
Tick the correct option:
1. Which of the following birds has claws as shown in the figure.
A) Parrots
B) Hawks
C) Sparrows
D) Hen
2. Why don't the birds fall when they sleep on the branch of a tree?
A) Because of the shape of their claws that hold on to the branch very firmly.
B) Birds do not sleep on the branches, they sleep in their nests.
C) Because their feathers balance their weight.
D) None of these
3. What's the easiest way to tell the difference between wading birds and perching birds?
A) Difference in wingspan
B) Difference in body size
C) Difference in foot structure
D) Difference in eyes.
4. Some animals first swallow the food without chewing it. After sometime, when they relax
they bring this food back into their mouth from stomach. Then they chew it well very slowly.
Such animals are called:
A) gnawing animals
B) cud chewing animals
C) blood sucking animals
D) flesh eating animals
5. Which of the following list of animals and their shelters is WRONG?
A) Lions - dens
B) Dogs ? kennel
C) Cows - shed
D) Horses ? burrow
6. Which of the following has strong grinding teeth?
7. Omnivores are the animals which eat:
A) only plants
B) only animals
C) both plants and animals
D) neither plants nor animals
8. What does the above diagram represent?
A) The life cycle of grass
B) A population
C) Animals living in a habitat
D) A food chain
9. I am the smallest bird with a long beak. I love sucking nectar from flowers. Identify me?
A) Humming bird
B) Sparrow
C) Falcon
D) Ostrich
10. Birds migrate because of___________ and ___________ factors.
A) water and climate
B) personal and professional
C) food and shelter
D) environmental and genetic