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CNC Syllabus

INTRODUCTION: History - Advantages and disadvantages of CNC, block diagram of CNC Principle of operation- Features available in CNC systems. DNC, Networking of CNC
machines - Ethernet. Electrical cabinet and control panel wiring. Electrical standards.
TYPES OF CNC MACHINES: Types and constructional features of machine tools- Turning
centres, machining centres, grinding machines, EDMs, turret punch press, laser and water jet
cutting machines, Design considerations – Axis representations, Various operating modes of
a CNC machine.
CONTROL UNITS: Functions of CNC, system hardware, Contouring control - interpolation,
software development process. Parameters and diagnosis features. Interfacing with
keyboard, monitor, field inputs, outputs, MPG. Open architecture systems and PC based
controllers. Role of PLC in CNC machines - hardware and I/O configuration.
DRIVE UNITS: Axis drive arrangements, ball screw, timing belts and couplings, Analog and
digital drives. AC&DC servomotors, DC and AC servo drives for axis motors, servo tuning.
Stepper motors and drives, spindle motors & drives- DC &AC. Selection criteria, drive
optimization and protection.
CONTROL AND FEEDBACK DEVICES: MCCB, MCB, control relays, contactors, overload
relays, cables & terminations. Applications of feedback devices in CNC machines- Absolute
and incremental encoders, resolvers, linear scales, Proximity switches, limit switches –
Thermal sensors, pressure and float switches. Positioning of sensors in CNC.
NC PART PROGRAMMING PROCESS: Axis notation, EIA and ISO codes, Explanation of basic
codes. Tooling concepts, machining methods, part geometry and writing of tool motion
statements. Canned cycles. Development of simple manual part programs for turning
operations. Simulation of part programmes. Post processors - CNC part programming with
CAD/CAM systems.
ECONOMICS AND MAINTENANCE: Factors influencing selection of CNC Machines, Cost of
operation of CNC Machines, Practical aspects of introducing CNC machines in industries,
Maintenance of CNC Machines Preventive Maintenance, TPM, Importance of earthing on the
performance and life of machines.
Total L: 45
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