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OCRE 3400 - Online Class 2

Outdoor Equipment Production
and Retailing – Online Class 3
The relationship between recreation and OEP/Retail
 Cancelled final Hugos reading (Chapter 10)
 OEP Retail Retail Plan due today, April 1
 Philosophy of sustainable OEP production paper draft due April 6/Final due April 22
 I’ll get feedback to you if you submit a draft by April 15
 Sustainable production practices analysis on April 8 and April 15
 April 8: Brittany, Anakah, Aaron, Grant, Ray, Jackson, Brayden
 April 15: Ian, Sebastian, Reese, Anna, Sarah, Alex, Jake
 Keep presentations to 10 minutes
How intertwined is OEP with recreation?
Recreation supports retail
Events and OEP/Retail
Underhill, “The Sensual Shopper”
Shoppers want:
1. To be able to touch products
2. To be able to interact with products
3. To be able to see the product in
4. Potentially, to be able to smell the
Activity 1
In small groups, make a list of what you have
learned this semester about outdoor equipment
production and retailing.
Use the documents on our Canvas site under
Module 12.
Be prepared to share with the class after small