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Darwin Video Worksheet

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The Life of Charles Darwin
On YouTube, search “Charles Darwin Documentary Biography HD”. The video you’re looking for is 57
minutes and 16 seconds long (57:16). The questions are in order as you watch the video.
1. Why did Charles Darwin keep his ideas to himself?
2. Why was Darwin nervous about presenting?
3. What type of birds did Darwin bring back from the Galapagos Islands?
4. What is Darwin’s explanation of why there are different species of finches?
5. What “same truth” did Charles Darwin discover?
6. Who had previously discovered the same thing?
7. What is home to “more species of animals than anywhere else on Earth?”
8. Why did Darwin’s finches have different sized beaks?
9. What is the process called that produces different dog breeds?
10. What is natural selection?
11. What are TWO examples of drug-resistant viruses we see today?
12. Which type of virus was “more fit?”
13. What is the “trick” used to make the virus return to wild-type?
14. Who does Darwin end up marrying?
15. Did you learn anything new? If so, what?