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Lab week5

Lab exercise/assignment week 5
Project Requirements and Scope Management
To complete this exercise you need to review
- Lecture 4
- K. Schwalbe, Information Technology Project Management, Chapter 5
- K. Schwalbe, Information Technology Project Management, Appendix A
Imagine that you’re working on a small scale project to develop a new software system. For this exercise, you
can consider any simple software that you have used before such as an application for mobile phones, or a
web site, etc. and imagine that you manage its development.
- Give a name to the project
- use Lecture 4 and the textbook as a guide to write a Requirements Management Plan focusing mostly on
how you would collect and analyze project requirements. You can use various internet examples and
templates (if you use them, don’t forget to reference them in your assignment report).
- write a Functional Specification that includes collected, analyzed and approved (by you) requirements
- use the Functional Specification to write a Project Scope Statement that includes a product
scope description, a list of project deliverables, product user acceptance criteria, project
boundaries and assumptions. You can use textbook or lecture examples. You can use examples from
other sources.
- decompose project work into at least 16 tasks and subtasks. Use MS Project to implement a WBS
with summary tasks. Set milestones.
Enable task numbering as was explained in the lab exercise week 3. Review examples from
Lecture 4, the textbook and various online sources before you create your own. Analyze the Gant chart to
review your project workflow. Make sure you use appropriate links between related tasks.
- select one of the tasks and write a WBS Dictionary for it. It shall be detailed enough to be used by
programmers, or web designers. See examples in the lecture and the textbook.
(8 marks)
Write a lab assignment report
• Use the template provided in the Remote Study section on Moodle to create a lab assignment report.
• Fill the header. Reports submitted without properly filled headers will not be marked.
• Add all required components that you’ve created into your assignment report (check the
• Import into the report all relevant MS Project plans and charts created by you for the exercise. Use
appropriate copy and paste options and scale imported materials to size. Do not use Print Screen.
Make sure that the document is properly formatted and all imported materials are not cut off by page
margins to avoid loosing marks.
• All tables and charts must be labelled with a number followed by a descriptive caption.
• Provide detailed explanations, comments and conclusions (check the requirements). Reference
tables and charts in your text using their labels.
• Convert your report to the pdf format.
Save as Labw5_yurID_v1.pdf (for example Labw5_rb123_v1.pdf)
This task is due: by Friday, April 24, 23:00
Submit your report (pdf) using a link created for your lab group on Moodle. You can make only one
Do not delay your submission until the last minute because the submission system on Moodle may be
overloaded. Submit earlier.
Reports submitted without properly filled headers will not be marked.
Having submitted your report, you can resubmit an improved version (for example Labw5_rb123_v2.pdf) later
on if needed. You can resubmit only once. Resubmission is optional.
The resubmission cut-off is Monday, April 27, 23:00
Warning: Do not delay your submissions until the last minute. There will be no extension granted due to any
circumstances related to the failure of students’ own equipment, Internet connection, or low system