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Nuclear Chemistry Worksheet 1

Nuclear Chemistry Worksheet
Complete the following questions:
1. Traditional chemical reactions occur as a result of the interaction between _______________ around an
2. In _________, expanded the field of chemistry to include nuclear changes when he discovered that
uranium emitted radiation.
3. ____________________ was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize and the first person to win two for
discovering ____________________.
4. In __________, Frederick Soddy proposed the theory that "radioactivity is the result of a natural change of
an ____________________ of one element into an isotope of a different element.
5. There are __________ common types of radiation and nuclear changes.
Name the types of radiation and describe each
7. Radioactive decay proceeds according to a principal called the _______________.
8. If we begin an experiment starting with 100 g of bismuth in a sealed lead container, after five days we will
have __________ of bismuth and __________ of thallium in the jar. After another five days (ten days
from the starting point), one-half of the remaining bismuth will decay and we will be left with
__________ of bismuth and __________ of thallium in the jar.
9. While many _______________ undergo radioactive decay naturally, _______________ reactions can also
be stimulated artificially.
10. What is nuclear fission?
11. What is nuclear fusion?
12. Draw and Explain Uranium-238 to illustrate the decay chain.