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1. If the telephone is in use, it means that it is _________ .
A) contact
C) available
B) engaged
D) dial
2. A: How many text messages do you send a day?
B: _________ 25 a day.
A) Around
C) Language
B) Conversation
D) Engaged
3. I'm afraid he is not _________ at the moment. He has gone
12. Most people think that teens _________ too much time
sending text messages or using social networks.
A) manage
C) spend
B) pick up
D) communicate
13. A: How do you usually _________ with your friends?
B: I usually make a phone call and sometimes send text
A) keep in touch
C) hold on
B) ask
D) repeat
14. If you call your friends, you are the_________ .
A) communication
C) effect
B) sorry
D) available
4. Parents are_________ about the negative effects of using
too much mobile phones on teenagers.
A) interested
C) worried
B) crazy
D) terrific
A) sender
C) event
B) caller
D) receiver
15. Most parents believe that using mobile phones too much
is _________ because it can be dangerous for teens' health.
A) available
C) signal
B) wrong
D) network
5. Sorry, he is out. Do you want to _________ a message?
16. If your friend calls you, you are the _________ .
A) call
C) connect
B) leave
D) translate
6. Teachers believe that text language has a big _________
on teenagers.
A) influence
C) favour
B) entertainment
D) invitation
7. My best friend, Jack, loves _________ text messages. He
always sends and receives a lot of SMS messages.
A) soccer
C) outdoor sports
B) board games
D) golf
8. I don't know anything about computers. They are too
_________ for me. Can you help me buy one?
A) out of order
C) unfair
B) communication
D) sophisticated
A) sender
C) event
B) caller
D) receiver
17. My buddy, Dan, always _________ more than 200 text
messages a day. I think that's too much!
A) hangs up
C) spends
B) among
D) borrows
18. Could you give me more _________ about it, please? I
need more details.
A) entertainment
C) ancient
B) information
D) language
9. I don't like using technology for_________ because I
always prefer talking face to face.
19. A: We're going to the _________ . Would you like to
come with us?
B: I am not really into football. Thanks anyway.
A) language
C) social network
A) match
C) network
B) effect
D) communication
10. Could you ask him to _________ me? My number is 0 585
123 56 89.
A) need
C) repeat
B) contact
D) hang on
B) memo
D) user
20. Dan : Hello, Jack. This is Dan. We're going to a concert
tonight. Would you like to join us?
Jack : I'm not sure. I have to ask my father. I'll get back
to you.
Dan : OK. Let me _________ if you can come. Bye.
11. _________ on a moment. I'll get him.
A) Hold
C) Hear
B) Ask
D) Call
A) know
C) believe
B) go
D) think
1.I tried to call you again and again last night, but you didn't
_________ . Where were you?
11. Sam : How does a mobile phone _______ work?
Aliye : It uses radio waves to communicate.
A) hold on
C) depend on
A) user
C) network
B) look after
D) pick up
B) frequency
D) chance
2. Cem : Can I talk to Jane, please?
Jim : Sorry, she is out. Why don't you ______ in an hour?
12. If you need to use your mobile in a public place,
________ that you don't disturb the people around you.
A) take to
C) send
A) put them through
C) make sure
B) call back
D) leave
B) express
D) make a promise
3. Tom : Do you know how to _________ the new smart
phones? I am not good with them.
Can : Sure. It's really easy.
13. Betty : What should I do now?
Kevin : Now, put the card into the ________ and dial the
number. That's it!
A) use
C) ring
A) slot
C) button
B) check
D) cover
4. Sending a written message by means of a cellular phone
means " _________ ."
A) holding on
C) dialing
B) hanging up
D) texting
5. Tim : What’s your favourite _______ of communication?
Ece : It's texting. It's really easy and cheap.
A) way
C) number
B) reason
D) main
6. Anne : Which _________ should I dial for the police?
Cenk : It's 155 in Turkey.
A) station
C) country
B) number
D) thought
7. Betty : Sorry, he is out. May I take a message?
Linda : Can you please _________ him that Linda called?
A) know
C) grow
B) show
D) tell
8. It's not _________ to shout into your mobile in public
A) news
C) rude
B) respectful
D) promise
B) anger
D) broken
14. I’m sorry. He isn’t in his office. Can you please ________
A) ring back
C) have time
B) speak to
D) connect me
15. Please, make sure you have the right number before
________ .
A) spending
C) serving
B) dialing
D) taking
16. Hi, This is Jason Pratt. Could you _____ me _____ the
manager, please? I need to make some complaints.
A) ring - back
C) call - back
B) put - through
D) take - out
17. Mert : Can I leave a message, please?
Rosy : Yes, __________ .
A) afraid
C) certainly
B) later
D) speaking
18. While making a phone call, especially in public, please be
respectful to other people and do not ________ them.
A) be
C) upset
B) call
D) take
9. Kevin : What do you________ about in your messages?
Tuğba : Usually about my life and friends, but sometimes
just about everything.
19. Jane : Sorry, he has gone out. Can I take a message?
Aslı : Yes, please. Can you say thay Aslı _________ ?
A) send
C) write
A) saw
C) changed
B) see
D) hang up
B) depended
D) rang
10. Cathy : May I ________ to Mr Uğur, please?
Janny : Can you hold on a moment , please. Let me try to
connect you.
20. My preference in __________ is usually making a phone
call because I can call my friends any time I want.
A) borrow
C) text
A) communication
C) tournament
B) buy
D) speak
B) broken
D) connection
1. Andy : The phone is ringing. Can you ______it ______ ?
I can't reach it.
Linda : Sure. Hello, this is Linda.
A) hang - up
C) turn - into
B) talk - to
D) pick - up
2. If you are _________ on the phone, it means that you are
holding on the phone.
A) telling
C) talking
B) waiting
D) changing
3. People ___________ with other people in many different
ways, such as talking and writing or sending messages or by
means of other technological devices.
A) limit
C) contact
B) express
D) introduce
4. ________ like the Egyptians, Romans or the Greeks
developed with the communication technologies.
A) Ancient
C) Changes
B) Media
D) Societies
5. Mr Poland is not available __________ . Would you like to
leave a message?
A) loudly
C) at the moment
B) around
D) on
6. Jack : What are you doing tonight? Fancy going out?
Rose : Sorry, I can't. I should ________ my little brother.
A) get well
C) look after
B) shout into
D) connect
7. Cathy : I think my mobile phone is broken. Can I ________
yours to call my mom?
Sonny : Sure. Here it is.
A) borrow
C) transmit
B) lend
D) send
8. Ali : Have you ever _______ eating "Lahmacun"?
Jim : Of course. They served it with lemon and parsley.
A) made
C) baked
B) spent
D) tried
9. When my buddy doesn't have ________ money for a rock
concert, he always asks for me to borrow it.
A) matter
C) unusual
B) enough
D) moment
11. I would like to have my own technology __________
when I grow up. I'm going to build a mobile phone network.
A) chance
C) company
B) notice
D) future
12. Dad : What’s wrong with you?
Son : I had a / an _________ . I fell off my bike.
A) each
C) alright
B) accident
D) forever
13. When you hide or cover something, so people can’t see it,
you _________ it.
A) disguise
C) use
B) send
D) see
14. Tina : I’m organising a beach volley __________ on
Sunday. Would you like to join us?
Anny : That sounds awesome. See you there.
A) tournament
C) connection
B) societies
D) hieroglyphics
15. Amy : What are you doing? Studying again? You are
always studying. Let's go out to have fun.
Sam : Sorry, I can't. I'm planning to ________ all my
exams and be a successful student.
A) pass
C) wait
B) get
D) take
16. Sarah : We’re hanging out with friends tonight. Would
you be ________ in joining us?
Jenny : Cool! Where and what time?
A) interested
C) fancy
B) better
D) meeting
17. Nelson : Could you do me a / an ________ ?
Jason : Certainly. Anything you want. You're my mate.
A) unfair
C) favour
B) enough
D) main
18. If something is broken, for example a telephone, it usually
means it is _________ .
A) the later one
C) out of order
B) express
D) transmit
19. I think this pay phone is broken. Let's try the _________
A) other
C) late
B) early
D) each
10. ________ the Internet, people can find and get
information really quickly.
20. Today, social networks have a / an __________ influence
on society, especially on teenagers.
A) What's more
C) By means of
A) user
C) cell
B) Most of all
D) As soon as
B) later
D) huge
1. Son
: Mom, my brother doesn't want to come to the
match. Can you help me_________ him, please?
Mom : Certainly. Let's go talk to him together.
A) manage
C) persuade
B) leave
D) receive
2. David : We're going to Patara on holiday this summer.
Kevin : Can you _________ the name? I didn't understand.
A) admire
C) feel
B) repeat
D) choose
11. The new social network is a _________ now. Everybody
is talking about it.
A) hot topic
C) base station
B) best way
D) answering machine
12. Tina : Hello, This is Tina. Is Tim there?
Sally : I'm not sure but let me _______. Sorry, he isn't in.
A) spend
C) check
B) cover
D) cause
3. Parents should___________ the mobile phone etiquette to
their children before buying one.
13. Sam : Can I talk to Mr Drummer, please?
Amy : Sorry, he is in a _________. Do you want to leave
a message?
A) faint
C) react
A) station
C) notice
B) explain
D) prepare
4. You need to push this ________ to dial the number you
A) button
C) truth
B) hand
D) joke
5. Kevin : Can you _______ me your bike?
Emma : It's in the garden. Just take it.
A) take
C) lend
B) borrow
D) see
6. Ancient societies ________ new and different ways of
communication and thinking.
A) fell
C) changed
B) happened
D) developed
7. Kevin : How many_________can your teacher speak ?
Alex : He can speak two. German and English.
A) sign
C) languages
B) messages
D) calls
8. Alex : I called Sally 10 minutes ago but she didn't answer
it. I think she isn't at home.
Tina : Why don't you leave a message on her _________ ?
She can listen to it when she comes home.
A) pay phone
C) answering machine
B) megaphone
D) printing press
B) present
D) meeting
14. Jane : Why are you speaking so________? I can hear you
Julia : But I can't hear you well. I think my phone is
A) lovely
C) chance
B) especially
D) loudly
15. If the network signal is too low, you cannot _________ to
the person you are calling.
A) join
C) get through
B) make sure
D) manage
16. When there is so much information, it is ________ to
know what is important and what isn't.
A) unfair
C) difficult
B) later
D) careful
17. Cathy : Your mobile phone is ringing. Are you going to
_______ it?
Scott : Sorry, I'm busy washing the car. Can you?
A) know
C) give
B) answer
D) try
18. Seven centuries ago, the printing press ________ people
to try and find new ways of thinking.
A) happened
C) caused
B) depended on
D) held on
9. Cinemas, theatres or even buses are __________ , so, while
talking on the phone in these places, you shouldn't disturb
other people.
19. If something is disguised, you often may not ________ it
because you cannot see it.
A) printing presses
C) societies
A) notice
C) make
B) public places
D) mobile networks
B) transmit
D) happen
10. Teens __________ prefer using their mobile phones for
different ways of communication.
20. Today, everybody sends and_________ a lot of messages
by means of mobile apps like Whatsapp or Instagram.
A) earlier
C) awesome
A) explains
C) disturbs
B) loudly
D) increasingly
B) joins
D) receives
1. Son : Where is Jack?
Mom : He ________ something about going to the
supermarket to do some shopping.
A) changed
C) said
B) hung up
D) picked up
2. If you do not _________ your thoughts and feelings
properly, you can feel anger and then get sad.
A) wait
C) lend
B) express
D) try
3. Tina : Where did you ___________ on your last holiday?
Amy : Oh! We went to Austria to ski.
A) stay
C) travel
B) take
D) show
4. Pushing the buttons on a telephone to make a phone call
means " _________ ."
A) picking
C) dialing
B) adding
D) washing
11. Making or receiving phone calls in the cinema is ______ .
A) rude
C) excited
B) own
D) excellent
12. Tina : What's the matter with your sister?
Jane : She's got the flu.
Tina : Sorry to ________ that. I hope she'll get better.
A) think
C) give
B) hear
D) miss
13. Human communication is _________ because we have
languages to express ourselves in different ways.
A) broken
C) special
B) easy
D) unfair
14. If you want to have a great _________ with other people,
first, you should be polite to them.
A) controller
C) conversation
B) connection
D) language
5. If people are upset or disturbed in a public place by your
making a call, you should _________ your mobile phone.
15. Ali : We are hungry and going out to eat something.
Maybe hamburgers or pizza. Fancy coming along?
Jay : _________. I'm hungry, too.
A) make sure
C) pick up
A) In fact
C) Of course
B) ring back
D) switch off
B) Never mind
D) Next time
6. On the Internet, we give information to other people. We
__________ get information about different subjects.
16. Rose : Mom, I've passed all my tests. I feel terrific.
Mom : ________ ! Let's tell your father the happy news.
A) connection
C) earlier
A) Congratulations
C) Actually
B) also
D) by means of
B) Most of all
D) Increasingly
7. Cem : Hey! Where are you going?
Tom : I'm _________ my mobile phone ______ the shop. I
think it's broken. Fancy coming along?
17. Jim : Is your mobile phone ________?
Tim : I'm not sure. Why?
Jim : We're at a concert. Switch it off, please.
A) backing - up
C) meeting - up
A) under
C) behind
B) depending - on
D) taking - to
B) on
D) easy
8. Benny : You are _________ too much time in front of the
TV. Why don't you start studying for your exams?
Jenny : OK. I'll start tomorrow. Alright?
18. In public places, you should _________ the number of
messages or phone calls you send or receive because they can
disturb and upset other people.
A) showing
C) falling
A) limit
C) admire
B) passing
D) spending
B) need
D) notice
9. In the 14th century, by means of the printing press, people
developed new ways of thinking and ________ their lives.
19. Jill : How do you feel when people are _________ ?
Jim : I feel so much anger when that happens.
A) changed
C) saw
A) terrific
C) user
B) said
D) talked
B) unfair
D) true
10. Sam : I can't make a phone call. Is the network signal
always low in this ________ ?
Rose : Yes, and sometimes that's a huge problem.
20. When children are _________ , parents are always
worried about them.
A) wave
C) area
A) anger
C) late
B) cover
D) joke
B) later
D) certain
13. tell
1.-25. sorularda verilen kelimenin yakın ya da eş
anlamlısını seçin.
A) share
C) say
B) cover
D) admire
14. ring back
1. get well
A) call
C) feel better
B) send
D) receive better
A) back up
C) pick up
B) call back
D) depend on
15. certainly
2. keep in touch
A) connect
C) concern
B) contact
D) text a message
A) of course
C) afraid
B) sorry
D) actually
16. huge
3. engaged
A) in use
C) hard
B) hold on
D) close
B) hold on
D) close
B) in fact
D) kind
B) receive
D) pass
B) receive a signal
D) contact a person
B) take out
D) high-technology
B) buy the phone
D) send the phone
B) out of order
D) persuade
B) buy and take
D) spend and have
B) cover
D) network
A) very glad and happy
C) really unbearable
B) very special or unusual
D) really ridiculous
A) leave a message
C) cause a message
B) send a message
D) add a message
A) accident
C) also
B) again
D) ancient
A) important
C) out
B) present
D) controller
25. connect
12. join
A) see
C) take
A) manage
C) keep in touch
24. available
11. exchange
A) give and receive
C) come and go
B) put the phone down
D) a short note
23. very old
10. broken
A) on
C) main
A) send a written message
C) telephone or write
22. text a message
9. pick up the phone
A) switch off the phone
C) answer the phone
B) in the afternoon
D) at night
21. unique
8. sophisticated
A) out of order
C) ancient
A) next
C) at the moment
20. communicate
7. transmit
A) wait for a signal
C) send a signal
B) feel
D) hide
19. hang up
6. upset
A) limit
C) disturb
A) check
C) give
18. now
5. actually
A) most of all
C) maybe
B) very slow
D) very high
17. disguise
4. wait on the phone
A) hang up
C) pick up
A) very good
C) very big
B) change
D) attend
A) put through
C) hold on
B) communicate
D) manage