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Questions genome

Past paper questions:
1) The HGP is making it possible to identify people
who may be at risk of developing medical
conditions such as heart disease, cancer or
diabetes. Suggest reasons why identifying people
at risk might be of benefit to the people who are
tested. (3 marks)
2) Suggest two reasons why carriers of breast
cancer genes should not face discrimination when
applying for jobs or medical insurance. (3 mark)
Check your answers
1) To warn people at risk to make life style changes, e.g. quit
smoking, eat less saturated fat, do more exercise
• Gives people a more informed choice in how to plan their
• To plan medical provision/monitoring for the individual
• To target drug treatment to delay onset/reduce symptoms
• To determine healthcare priorities
2) It is not their fault that they have the gene
• Most of us would prefer a society where such economic
risks were spread across all of us
• Such discrimination would discourage people from going
for testing, which could be detrimental to their health
• Having the gene does not mean you will necessarily
develop the disease.