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Distance Learning Student Tips

Distance Learning
Tips for Students
Create a daily schedule
A solid block of "learning time" when you are not hungry or
distracted is best. Turn off app notifications that might distract.
Daily Communication from teachers
Check your CUSD student email for messages from your teacher.
Be aware of and attend necessary Google Meets with teachers.
How to Use Google Classroom
Go to Google Classroom (or similar) for each class period
-look at “Stream” to check announcements
-look at “Classwork” to learn about assignments and read the directions
-do not just use "notifications" (you will miss a lot of information)
-look for teacher feedback in comments on your work
Stay Organized!
Use your student planner, a white board, or something similar to write down
what you need to do each day and to organize future due dates.
Feeling Stuck?
If you need help, reach out to classmates, the teacher, or family. Make sure
you have looked over instructions and comments before asking.
Your assignments will be graded complete/incomplete.
Complete means that the assignment turned in met requirements.
Incomplete means the assignment was not received or did not
meet requirements.