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Ethics and Professional Practice

Ethics and Professional Practice (COUN 122)
Name- Hemant Bhagria
Date – February 9, 2020
Faculty – Stephanie Moeser
Scenario 2
To work on this scenario, I will explain a situation in which my friend Shubham was in the almost
similar condition as Dan and the things happened with Shubham and Dan were almost similar. Me
and Shubham were close friends and I almost knew everything about him what difficulties or
situations or issues he was facing when he was studying with me. In our school there was a health
care and counselling centre in which the children who face difficulties in studies and were having
issues at home or face any kind of disorder then there was some social workers group in our school
which help the student to get out of their problem and was very helpful.
Shubham was facing problem at home because the situation at there home was not good his father
was addicted to alcohol and there was not a good relation of his father with his family he does not
spend much time with them and this created a thinking in the mind of Shubham that he is the reason
for all the condition and he faced nervousness anxious and was moving into depression. Before all
these things he always used to stay happy and enjoyed his whole day with me but after all these
situations he was started staying alone and was not joining me in any kind of thing. One day one of
the social workers came to our class for the assessment that all the student was fine and there is no
problem with them in studying he gave us a paper of assessment to evaluate. The social worker found
that Shubham was facing problem in his studies and his behavior is not appropriate without anyone
knowing the social worker asked Shubham about his problem and asked him to tell no one about this
that he will be helping him. But at that time, I was not knowing anything what was happening. Slowly,
Shubham built a good rapport with the social worker and slowly he was having improvement but one
of the person from the social worker group found that his peer is diagnosing a student without
knowing anyone and he said to the social worker who was counselling Shubham that this unethical
because the student who is diagnosed has a tag of diagnosis and has a id in the counselling centre and
this is not right to do the thing but the social worker made his peer understand that if Shubham had
a tag on him for diagnosis may worsen the situation of Shubham.
I came to know about this situation when one day Shubham was happy to get rid of the situation and
told me all the things which he faced in that phase and I was happy that he told me about his situation
and I told him that whenever he need my help he can ask.