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Checklist 1 and 2 presentation Skills

Checklist 1 - Planning
The Chosen Topic
Safety in Singapore - Why Singapore is safe and how the another countries can salso
follow the model of Singapore.
In the presentation I will talk about safety in Singapore . why Singapore is safe if we compare
to my home country, Brazil.
I choose this topic because since I came to Singapore I am very impressed by How safe I feel
no matter the time of the day as compared to my home country where I was constantly worrying
about my safety and therefore I want to make my audience to understand why Singapore is
safe, which are the politics used in Singapore that make this country secure and how the
another countries can also apply the Singapore model in their country .
For example , I came from Brazil and I would like to have a safe city to live with my family
but, the issue is my country is not safe and I had issues living when I was there .
In my opinion if my country apply the same laws and safety laws that Singapore use , Brazil
could be safe and better city for live .
The both countries Brazil and Singapore are following the common law , following the English
laws , the difference between them Purpose of using powerpoint presentation
is that , Singapore apply more stronger and stricter laws for those who break the laws.
I expect from my audience , that they can see how Singapore law is efficient and how could be
useful for their countries , my audience can also change their mindset and be more open to
learn about safety law in Singapore .
Description of the key components of making a successful presentation
1) Preparation - I have to prepare beforehand the material that I will be using in my
presentation , I have to know about my audience (my classmates).
2) Motivation - I will make sure that I know about the subject I will be talking, I will
make research on websites , books and e-books. I have to be full prepared talk
about the safety in Singapore and answer further questions.
3) Applicability -Beyond to be preparade I have to be relaxes as well, one of the
keys to deliver a good presentation is eliminating talk variables . If im full prepared
I can avoid potential disaster in my presentation , full prepared will help me to talk
easily with my audience .
4) Mechanics-I have also to be aware of my schedule , what time will be my
presentation , what date and local . I will also arrive 30 min before my presentation
to make sure the equipment’s are working , and also my audience will have time
to come and choose their spots at room of presentation .
5) Narrative Arc – For my presentation I will utilize theatre training, this will help me
to prepare for talk for my audience. Narrative Arc is about to tell a story, people
like to listen story my audience will be more engaged if I use this technique.
Narrative arc start with – introduction, complication (middle of narrative) climax and
resolution. I can do a presentation for someone before my official presentation. I
will also dress comfortably, doing that I will have no distractions because of my
clothes or shoes. I will make sure wear properly for my audience but at the same
time comfortable .
Audience Confirmed
My audience will be compost for at least 10 or more classmates , I will be delivering
my presentation for students , overall age 20 to 25 years old , my presentation will be
at school (Dimensions School) on 14/08/2019 at 9:30 am. The language I will be using
to deliver my presentation will be formal and in English .
Checklist 2 – Planning
Practicalities of the presentation
Preparation and Management of practicalities
My goal to deliver an effective, engaging presentation will need a lot of preparation and
practice in order to carry it out. A few of the preparation practicalities that I will manage before
and during the presentation are planned out below;
Organising my Presentation
Seating For the presentation to be successful it is essential have a thought-out seating arrangement.
Thinking how the audience will view my presentation is important to making sure their
experience is a positive and enjoyable one. Everyone must be able to hear me clearly and with
a good volume level. If the audience decide to sit in the back seats leaving the front seats empty,
I will politely ask them to move forward. This will be important in keeping the audience
engaged through-out. One week before my presentation I will brief the school management to
assemble the seating arrangement, I will arrive early to the presentation to double check and
make sure no minor changes will need to be done.
Testing equipment
In my presentation I will be using Power point (slides), I will need a good projector and my
personal computer .
Running through the equipment check is vital to make sure there aren’t any hiccups causing
the audience to wait or lose focus. Running through the presentation practicing it one time
before starting can make sure there is no issues with sound and slides sizing of the visual
projection. If the microphone that I will be using is working well I will use it if not I know I
will have to raise my voice so the audience further away will not have any issue hearing me.
This test run will also me to calm my nerves and build up some confidence in the environment.
Having the presentation on a USB ready is key for quick setup, I also have loaded a back up
on my email in case any technical issues arise.
Know my Material
Through the weeks leading up to the presentation I will revise the material, research the topics
further so I have a broad and detailed knowledge of my topic. This will be very important in
case there are any questions or I speak to quickly I will have some extra knowledge to cover
on the topic at the end to fulfil my 10 minutes. Understanding the topic well might also spark
some interesting questions with the audience and really wow them.
This is essential for a presentation to run smoothly, Things I would like to avoid are looking at
notes, hesitating when talking, speaking slowly or two fast and not enjoying my time
presenting. Through practicing presenting, timing my presentation and getting feed back from
friends and family will really give me some confidence and finesse on my presentation.
Practicing a few times a week and everyday in the last week is very important to deliver it
I will make sure to do eye contact with my audience and I will remember to smile that will
make me feel more confident, I will also make sure of the mood and reaction of my audience ,
this way I will conduce better my presentation .
Voice and language
Clarity- I will be clarity about the subject Im talking about
-Safety in Singapore (why
Singapore is saf and how the another countries can to apply the Singapore politics in their
country )
Volume –1-M make sure I will talk loud enough to reach all the audience in class .
Variety- I will add interest make sure that my audience will be engaged with the topic
I will not speak too fast, and I will make few pauses to see if my audience assimilating the
information, I also will use untestable words .
Positioning and body language
I will make sure to stand in front my audience but ai will also keep moving left and right
otherwise my audience will get bored and loose the focus if I’m not moving and interacting
with them, this can make a huge effect on my audience and their reaction
In my presentation I will make sure the slides is clear , also I will put videos and photos and
explain about the few laws in Singapore , also I will put dynamic link to help the audience
understand better the subject .
Rational for the presentation methods
Explanation of why a screen-based presentation is most suitable for your audience making
reference to possible alternatives , I choose to make a presentation with power point (slides)
because it will be easy for my audience my classmates to understand , because is dynamic and
the will not get bored .
2-I chose the slides of my presentations more light and the letters more dark , my public will
pay attention more in the key-words , that’s is my objective in my presentation , also some
multimedia will make the presentation more dynamic.
How can I deal with audience questions(including difficult questions)
I have to prepare beforehand the material that I will be using in my presentation , I have to
know about my audience (my classmates).
I want to be able to answer the questions from my audience , I will make sure to have a good
resource and read and be prepared to talk about my subject . If I can not to answer I will say
IM not able that moment but I will research about the subject question and give a feedback for
those who made the questions.
I will be prepared for any possible questions that my audience will ask and also I will come out
with some possible questions that will mostly likely be asked and prepared them beforehand.
I will also inform my audience at the start of my presentation to hold back their questions until
the Q&A session at the end of my presentation.
Hecklers are common in presentation. This antipattern is much less likely but not unheard of
in professional setting, where heckling behaviour is typically a proxy for dysfunctions . To
deal with hecklers I have to know how to deal with distractions and be relaxed and make my
audience feel I am not stressed with the hecklers . I cant let the hecklers have the opportunity
to talk I have to confront them decisively to make it possible Speak, confidently , answer
properly the questions. I will not allow conversation during my presentation , because it can
be out of my control. If my audience start a conversation I will ask them to continue the
conversation during the next break , I will ask politely the hecklers that I have a lot of material
to cover and ask them to respect the rest of my audience
I will arrange some friends to attend my presentation. They will support me and also give
applauses in the end of my presentation; I will feel more confident and deliver a good
presentation. Having my colleagues in front of the row will allow me to make eye contact with
them, this also will make me more confident to deliver my presentation.
Before my
presentation I will talk with some colleague that I don’t know, that will help me to identify the
mood of my audience and if I get to know them, I will feel confident to deliver a good
presentation. I will give one of them one question that I make before, then I will ask another
colleague to answer it. this will make my audience More comfortable to make father questions
the name of this technique is (sending questions)
Range of coping strategies for presentation nerves and techniques for manging the
To deliver a good presentation I have to be calm and relax , to do that I will follow special
techniques that will help me .
Emotional State –Knowing my audience and their emotional state can make a big difference
in my presentation ,I will be able to identify which factors will make the favourable pact in my
audience . Positive feeling will make a favourable pact on my audience .
I will know about the emotional state of my audience , having a littler chat with them before
my presentations . my audience will be my classmates , this will allow me more about them ,
for example , if they are in a week doing exams they will be stress it’s probably not a good
time to deliver one presentation .
I can have a talk with another speakers as well and ask them how they are felling about the
emotional state of my audience
I can also determine aspects of the emotional state of my audience utilizing the social media
advertising pattern .
Breathing room – Its important for speakers have a well-placed silence speakers volume .
The breath room pattern suggest that I have to force myself to slow down my presentation , for
example I can plan a short silence during my presentation if it is necessary .
If I speak too rapidly this will diminished the comprehension
Of if help me the mechanism is plan before some points in the talk to have slightly longerthan -normal pause . I can plan brain break in my narrative Arc, and plan some places to
encourage contemplation or even extra emphasis .
Also for help me I will use notes , this will help me to organize the topics in my mind and also
keep me calm . Using the Narrative act in my presentation will help me to build I my Breathing
Room rather then speaks
Rapidly .
Shoe Less-This technique will help me to make myself more relax , some surveys and research
indicate that fear of public speaking is the second one after death. .As a spiker I can’t have the
fear became my big enemy , I can use small physical tricks to calm my nerves .
For example before my presentation I can take of my shoes for a while, this can help me be
relaxed .Or , for example for me , before to my presentation I want to find a empty room and
do my meditation for at least five minutes , this will help me to bring more air to my brain , I
will feel more relax and be more prepared to talk about my subject .
Mentor –For my presentation I can also ask to do a small presentation before for my mentor
or teacher , doing that they can help me to fix few things in my presentation . it will also make
me more confident .
This pattern applies to any presentation whose the objective is convince , instructor inform.
Sending the first question -Its normal the audience feel shy to ask any questions during and
after the presentation, one good technique is called (sending the first question).
I will ask one of my colleagues to make one question, the purpose is to bait my audience into
asking a question early on so that question and answer activity will increase throughout the
talk. After my colleague as it will break the ice with the first question, others will relax and
interact more freely.
Checklist 3
Dynamic link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waPBFNI0nco
Checklist 5
Evaluation method appropriate
Feeddback form here
Analysis of evaluation
After my presentation I analysed the questionnaire , most of students saind I was good /
excellent in most of the questions in my questionarie , around 5 students said the voince
was satisfactory , and around 5 said the point of my topic was satisfactory .
Analizing this survey I could identify that I should speak more swloly and try to be more
relax in my presentation, I also could be better at explain the main point of my subject ,
I gave much information in a short time .
I also feel nervou, I felt s about my equipament , on my research and during the
contructions of my slides I udes the MacBook pro , during my presentation I used another
brand I felt nervous because in the beginning I coulnt figure out how to use the equipment
, but few minutes later I was able to use it.
Recommendations made for future presentations
After review my presentation I noted I was good in make yey contact with my public , I
can continuous to do that , this is a strengthsin my presentation , this help the audience
to keep the attencion whem im doing the presentation . I recommend keep doing eyey
contact on my presentation .
My second recommendation is to be more clear on the material used, I used power point
and slides , the letter on my slides was small , for my next presentation I reccoment utilize
font Arial 19 or 22 , doing that will help my audience to understand better my
presentation .
For my next presentation I reccoment to utlize tecnhniques to help with my nervous , I
can use the technique breath room , and also the technique shoe less , doing that I will be
more relax for. My next presentation . Practise more