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TQM as a strategic tool by Stanley W summary

TQM as a strategic tool for market consolidation for small and medium scale product
manufacturers in marginal and emerging markets – A case study of Nigeria.
Stanley Worgu - 700215T654
[email protected]
School of Business, Engineering and Science, Halmstad University
Halmstad Sweden.
The cost of implementing TQM is traditionally high and as a result most small and medium scale
manufacturing companies in marginal and emerging market economies waive the option of
implementing TQM in their organizations. These organizations are dissuaded by the high costs
of integrating TQM in their system and not the less, passive consumer attitudes in developing
markets which in turn discourages the manufacturers from investing in TQM. However, as the
marginal economies grow, consumers become more active in demanding better product quality,
leading to the aggressive emergence of multinational global brands and actors in these marginal
markets and subsequently a gradual extinction of the local manufacturers and industries. This
paper will analyze the economic benefits of integrating TQM at an early stage by small and
medium scale manufacturers and industries in marginal and emerging economies and the long
term benefits with a case study of Nigeria through literature reviews. In view therefore, the paper
will critically review the social and economic implications of TQM in developing economies.