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Quiz on Colons and Semicolons

I. Insert colons : or semicolons ; where they are needed. (18 POINTS)
My mom is reading Shadow and Act it is a collection of essays by Ralph Ellison.
Chemical changes occur constantly in nature for instance, lightning causes a chemical change in
the air.
There are about fifty-five species of turtles they live in Africa, Australia, and South America.
I love visiting San Juan, Puerto Rico Isabela, Puerto Rico Dorado, Puerto Rico and Rincon, Puerto
The art of Africa has influenced art in other parts of the world for example, traditional African
sculpture influenced the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso.
The boxer is a medium-sized, stocky, muscular dog it was named for its playful habit of striking
out with its front legs.
The reviewer praised the special effects however, she criticized the screenplay.
The Navajo make up the second-largest group of American Indians in the United States
the Cherokee have more members.
Jim was supposed to meet me at 7 00 however, he did not show up until 7 15.
Katrina wrote her book report on The Golden Gate A Novel in Verse by Vikram Seth.
The play doesn’t start until 8 00 P.M. however, we should plan to arrive early.
The lecture begins at 2 00 Dr. Durand will be discussing the literary elements of Psalm 104 1–
50 in the bible.
I have not heard the latest comments therefore, I cannot render an opinion.
The siren blew loudly I rushed to the window, and the police raced past as I looked out.
We took the following for the cookout our raincoats, boots, and umbrellas.
I’m proud of my children, My son, medical technician my daughter, a postal worker and my
wife, an editor.
I will sing for the performance however I will not act.
The surveys close promptly at 8 00 p.m.
The house looked like what we wanted on the other hand, we had not been inside.
My favorite Bible scripture includes the following books and verses Romans 8 28, Proverbs 18
24, and 1 Corinthians 13 8.
The order was requested one week ago however, I expected the package to arrive by now.
You asked for forgiveness he granted it to you.
The office staff at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company couldn’t keep up with the work there was
too much to do.
Other people did Bob’s work for him consequently, the office began to run more smoothly.
The meeting must include the following people Mark, Jay, Chris and Ruby.
This quiz covers these topics nouns, verbs, and pronouns.
The new officers are as follows Ron, the president; Hubert, the vice-president; and Don, the