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Slave Trade Presentation

African Slave Trade
Late 1400s-mid 1800s
• Slavery- the treatment of human beings as property,
depriving them of personal rights
• The Atlantic slave trade stands out for the magnitude of its
global scale and its legacy.
How it Began
• In 1441: the Portuguese kidnapped 10 Africans from
the west coast
• This is generally seen as the beginning of the Atlantic
Slave Trade
• They then set up the original slave trading posts on
Africa’s west coast
How many people were taken into slavery?
• It’s estimated that between 9 million- 11 million people were taken
out of Africa by European slave traders and delivered alive on the
other side of the Atlantic.
• The death toll of the slave trade may have been more than 5 million
a. This doesn’t include what happened to the slaves after they reached the
The Middle Passage
• Middle Passage- The leg of the triangular trade from the west coast of Africa,
across the Atlantic, to the east coast of the Americas
• Suffocating conditions and lack of sanitation meant there was a constant threat of