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DC Assignment 2

Subject: Digital Communication
Section: A
Session: F-19
1. Demonstrate the basic concept of Pulse code Modulation [CLO1-C3-PLO1].
2. A band-limited signal 𝑚(𝑡) of 3 kHz bandwidth is sampled at rate of 33⅓ % higher than the
Nyquist rate. The maximum allowable error in the sample amplitude (i.e., the maximum
quantization error) is 0.5% of the peak amplitude 𝑚𝑝. Assume binary encoding. Solve for the
minimum bandwidth of the channel to transmit the encoded binary signal [CLO1-C3-PLO1].
3. Examine line coding and differentiate between Unipolar, Polar and Bipolar Line Coding
Schemes [CLO2-C4-PLO2].
4. Analyze a signal m (t) =2 cos(2𝜋 .250𝑡)) as a single-tone signal input [CLO2-C4-PLO2].
a) Examine the SNR with 8-bit PCM.
b) If the minimum SNR is to be at least 36 dB, how many bits n are needed to encode the
signal (i.e., find n)?