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BIO 101 Laboratory Quiz 2
Read all of the questions VERY CAREFULLY and show all of your work if necessary.
1. When using a compound microscope you should first focus your slide on _________
a. low b. medium
c. high
2. You are using a compound microscope with an objective lens of 30x magnification
and an ocular lens of 5x magnification. What is the total magnification?
3. What boundary is found around all cells?
a. Nucleus
b. plasma membrane
c. cell wall
d. all of these
4. When viewing a slide under high power I should never use the _________ adjusting
knob for focusing purposes-this may cause the objective lens to crash through the
5. True or False: The onion cell is a eukaryotic plant cell that contained chloroplasts.
6. You find a cell of a type you have never seen before. The cell has both a nucleus and
a cell wall. Therefore, you conclude that it must be a ________ cell.
a. prokaryotic
b. animal
c. plant
d. bacterial
7. Which of the following cells from the lab are examples of eukaryotic cells: Circle all
that apply!
a. Paramecium
b. cheek cell
c. onion cell
d. bacteria cell
Last week you examined several different types of bacteria under the microscope.
Which of the following bacteria types is NOT correctly paired up with its shape?
a. Bacillus – rod shaped
b. Spirilla – corkscrew or spiral
c. Cocci – sphere shaped
d. They are all correctly matched
Identify and label the following 4 parts on the Microscope
below: Make sure the lines are drawn clearly!!
1. Course Adjustment
2. Fine Adjustment
3. Objective lens
4. Ocular lens
*Do not label more than 4 parts