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Statement of purpose
I enjoyed learning science, mathematics and computer subjects during school. I was quite
good with all these subject scoring high grades throughout my school time. My penchant towards
computers and communication technology led me to choose Electronics and Communication
engineering major for my undergraduate study. I got admitted into Nirma University, one of the
prestigious colleges in India, where I developed many new interests. During college subjects like
Digital Circuits, Microprocessor and Computer Architecture, Microcontroller, Embedded System and
Digital System Design created new interest. I knew that automation is used in many places, from one
of my seniors I came to know that automation is done by Embedded Systems. During third semester I
was very curious about Embedded System, so I started searching about it. This curiosity helped me to
make my first autonomous line follower robot using Arduino. Whole experience was insightful and I
got idea that microcontroller and microprocessors are very powerful tools, you can develop and
control many complex systems using them. Thus my interest converted into passion for Embedded
Systems. In next semester I designed 3 in 1 robot using op-amps and transistors that can follow line,
light and avoid obstacles. After that I stared making more efficient and different types of robots and
participated in many state and national level robotics competitions. I constantly improved my robots
from experiences that I had gained by participating in these competitions. And my hard work paid off
when I secured second place at line follower robotics competition in 2013 and won light follower
robotics completion in march-2014.
Most of my project works are related to Embedded Systems, It was in my sixth semester
when I combined different concepts of power electronics and digital electronics with Embedded
System and took my interest to higher level by designing room automation system with Atmega8
microcontroller that controls temperature and light intensity in a room and displays the number of
persons in the room. This project gave me confident that I am quite good with system designing and
programming. Farmers in my country are unable to use their resources efficiently, for them currently I
am working on Zigbee based wireless sensor network that transmits moisture of soil, temperature,
pressure, sun light level and humidity level through zigbee network to central processor where this
data can be analyzed. This device will enable farmers to use their reservoirs more efficiently. I
proposed my project idea to Texas Instrument’s Innovative challenge-India, they accepted my
proposal and I am going to present my project to them during Febuary-2015.
Apart from academics I believe that extracurricular activities are also very important. I have
been a football player since my school time which helped me to improve myself as a team member. I
am also a good team leader, I showcased my leadership qualities during several occasions. I was
school leader of primary section when I was in 7th grade. I was the team leader when my team won
“Light Follower Robotics” competition at national level and secured first runners up position in “Line
Follower Robotics” competition. Currently I am permanent member of Indian society of technical
education (ISTE) and Electronics and Communication Organization (ECO). I worked under both
organizations as part of event management team and publicity team. These organizations gave me
opportunity to help my community. As part of ECO day celebration, we distribute sweets and cloths
to needy every year. We also visit slums to encourage their children to join schools. I am also
permanent member of Ahmedabad Quiz Club and actively participate in different quizzes and debates
at different colleges which help me to meet different people and enhance my general knowledge.
Power consumption is one of the greatest concern for Embedded Systems. Reduction in
power consumption by an Embedded System is the main area in which I am interested in for research.
My decision to apply to Colorado State University is supported by the fact that the research
areas pertaining to Electrical and Computer Engineering are perfectly aligned with my
interests. The guidance of your esteemed faculty and hard work on my part can help me
achieve my aim of making significant contribution in this field. I am particularly interested in
working in working with Dr. Tony Maciejewski and Dr. Sudeep Pasricha the field of
Robotics, Embedded System and Computer Architecture. My long term goal is to contribute in
this field and have illustrious career in the same field. I believe that Colorado State University has all
the resources that can help me to fulfil my dreams. This college also provides great diversity of
culture, which will be a great experience to learn new thing from different cultures.
Given my above mentioned exposure and interest in Embedded System, I am confident that I
am the best candidate for this program. I am convinced that this program is pertinent to my academic
and professional objectives. I seek admission to this program understanding that it would not just
equip me with technical tools and an analytical framework but provide me a unique opportunity to
make a tangible difference through my work. Finally, if given an opportunity to study at Colorado
State University, my efforts to take the prestigious name of Colorado State University to the next level
will be second to none.