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Bio statistics cheat sheet

Paired t test:
Wilcoxon Signed-Rank Test:
Two-Sample t-test (non-equal variances):
Two Sample ttest (equal variances):
Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test:
One-Way ANOVA: Null: there is no diff between group means (F stat=1), Alt: at least one group mean differs
Bonferroni’s test (Adjusting for multiple comparisons) – same as doing hypothesis test for CI for the difference of 2 population means EXCEPT
Risk Difference = Excess risk associated with being in the “exposed group” =
Relative Risk = Ratio of the risk of the “condition” for an “exposed” individual relative to the risk of an “unexposed” individual
Odds Ratio: Ratio fo the odds of the “condition” for an “exposed” individual relative to the odds of the “condition” for the “unexposed individual)
Intercept (b0) predicted mean value for y, when X=0.
Slope (b1) the change in Y for a 1 unit change in X
Coefficient fo Determination R2 (0-1) amount of variability in Y that is explained by X
Standard Error: an idea of how close our estimates of slope and intercept are to the true/pop slope and intercept
CI: using SE for estimate of regression line PI: using SE for predicted value on a new individual