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Diets around the World WS

Diets around the World
Name _____________________________________ Period __________
Number of
Family Members
Cost of Food
per week ($)
Food Group(s)
Ratio of
Natural to Processed
Foods (estimate)
1. How do you think your consumption habits compare with people around the world?
2. What did you notice about foods in different parts of the world?
3. How do culture, personal taste, economics, and availability affect food choices?
4. What foods pictured represent global distribution of food?
5. What are your feelings and attitudes about the differences? Do the foods look good? Do
you think the foods are good/bad, or just unfamiliar?
6. Do you think what you eat has an impact on others? What change to your personal diet
could make a positive difference globally? (e.g., Moderation or eating natural foods may
be more sustainable.)