1. Find the total capacitance for three capacitors connected in series, given their individual capacitances are 1 µF, 5
µF, and 8 µF. (3pts)
2. What is the charge stored when the voltage across a 50 μF capacitor is 9 V? (3pts)
3. What is the capacitance of a capacitor that stores 12 μC of charge when connected to a 6 V battery? (3pts)
4. What is the combined capacitance of: (6pts)
a) a 2.2 μF capacitor and a 4.7 μF capacitor in parallel?
b) two 100 μF capacitors in series?
5. In the circuit shown below, determine (a) the total capacitance and (b) the total charge stored. (6pts)
Bonus question. 4pts
6. Explain “Love is a lie”.
(Any contradicting opinion will be given 10 points deduction)