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Are you passionate for playing video
games or watching cartoons ?
DOODLING (scribble absent mindedly)?
Do you like
Are you a CREATIVE enough to make
your own stories ?
is the Field for you
Animation is an ART OF MOVEMENT.
Animation is the illusion of movement
created by showing a series of still
pictures in rapid succession. These
are called as FRAMES.
A simple animation may be as basic
as an animated GIF file
• 1906 - J .Stuart Black Tons ( father of
animation) released Humorous phases of
funny faces
• 1928-Mickey mouse makes its debut
• 1933- Jurassic park – first live photorealistic
computer animated creatures
• 1940- Tom and Jerry was launched
• Chota Bheem , Shin Chan
Why is Animation important ?
 teaching diverse concepts like poems , medical
Used as instructional tool by medical
practitioners for patients
Leaners become mode engaged
• FOR BUSINESS – e.g promotion of products like
kinder joy
Nature of work
Illusion of movement is created for
handmade pictures/ digital drawings/clay models/
puppets by using various software programs .
Persistence of vision/Fooling the
human eye
Fact – our human eye and brain can only process
10to 12 separate images / second , thus more
images that are projected will create an illusion .
For creating a video of 1 sec , an animator has to
create 25 to 30 images in a single second.
Animators job include
• generating ideas for bringing a story to life by creating sketches
• art work and illustrations using CGI(Computer generated imagery).
• Use of advanced software's like Maya , Powtoons, Max to produce
the desired effects in video games , films and advertisements.
• Designing models , backgrounds , sets , characters , objects and
the animation environment along with the sound track.
• Recording dialogues and working with the editors to composite
the various layers of animation in order to produce the finished
products .
Skills required
• Creativity and
• Drawing skills and flair
for art
• Computer literacy
• Familiarity with
graphics software
• Communication and
presentation skills
• Good observation skills
• Concept of designing
Let’s take a look at the experts an
animation team comprises of…
• Animation Director
An animation director is responsible for delivering
high-quality animations.
• Copywriter
Deals with legal exclusivity, a copywriter is in charge
of producing written content.
• Illustrator
An illustrator is an artist who combines 2D art, design
and digital dexterity to develop an idea and
eventually produce original content for an animation.
• Motion Graphics Designer-puts together
content that contains graphic design,
animations and visual effects.
• Sound Designer- provides the sound to
accompany the screen action.
• Visual Effects Artists (VFX) is responsible for
creating what is either impractical or
impossible to film.
• 3D Character Designer- bring their character
to life.
of Work
1. Work in well lit offices /
Studios .
2. Normal office hours but
require long sitting hours
in front of drawing board
or computer .
3. Health hazards may
include obesity ,
backaches or eye sight
related programs .
Interested in one of these roles but
don’t know where to start?
You can opt between a
• Graduate degree
• Diploma Programme
• Certificate Course
Bachelor’s Degree Courses
• B.A Animation and Multimedia
• B.Sc Animation and Multimedia
• BFA (Bachelors of Fine Arts in Animation , Graphics
and Web Design)
• BA in animation and Graphic Designing
• BA in digital film making and animation
• B.Sc. In animation and VFX
• B.Sc. In animation and gaming
Duration-3 years
Eligibility- 10+2
Diploma Courses
Diploma in 2D Animation
Diploma in 3D Animation
Diploma in Digital Animation
Diploma in Animation and Film making
Diploma in VFX
Diploma in Animation, Video editing and post
production works
Duration-6 months to 1year
Eligibility- 10+2
Certificate Courses
Certificate in VFX (visual effects )
Certificate in 2D animation
Certificate in 3D animation
Certificate in editing, mixing and post
production works
Duration of the course- 3 to 6 months
Eligibility- 10th pass
Advanced PG courses
M.Sc. ,M.A in Animation
M.Sc. ,M.A in Multi media
M.Sc. ,M.A in visual effects
M.Sc. ,M.A in gaming
PG courses can be used to specialize in sub
disciplines in the field
Eg: visual effects , modeling, 3D animation
, illustrations ,texturing, game design ,
graphic designing or specific software
Where can we study?
• Indira Gandhi National Open University(IGNOU)
• The Maya Academy Of Advanced Cinematic
• National Institute Of Design Ahmedabad 9
Communication and Animated Film Design)
• IIT Guwahati (Communication and Film Design)
• School Of Advanced Graphics Engineering –
New Delhi
Methods of selection
• Written test
• Interview
• Basic portfolio which may
include your best sketches
Starting salary of an animator
could range from 12,000 to
25,000 per month. However
there is no upper limit .
1. Example - Animators salary at DREAM WORKS ,
Bangalore can range from Rs 10,12,909 to Rs 11,01,116
per Annum .
2. With US an European studies outsourcing work to Indian
companies creating a number of animated films and
cartoons the future looks bright for creative animators .
Entertainment through films and television
is a main area of application.
• Business, sales , engineering, education
are other areas where animation is
• Animators can easily get a job in print
Self employment opportunities
• Free lance work particularly for web
• Some experienced freelancers have studio
equipment set up at home
• Animators can also branch into website
designing, CD –ROM production, graphic
designing and 3D product modeling