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Diversitea February 25 2020

Inclusion and Diversity Committee
Let’s introduce ourselves
• Who are your IDC facilitators?
• Who are you? Why are you interested in today’s topic?
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A little brain teaser
How does empathy relate to inclusion and diversity?
Why are we talking about this today?
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Let’s start the discussion
Some more resources to provoke your thoughts.
Some conversation questions
What stood out for you?
How do you demonstrate empathy – at work, in lunchroom, anywhere?
Is empathy demonstrated in the same way across all cultures? Parts of the world?
Is empathy tied to personality? Does the same level of empathy look different from
person to person?
How does empathy play a role in your work at ISANS?
Why / when do people lack empathy?
What are concrete examples of empathy?
How do we/you become more empathetic?
Follow up resources
• Empathy at Work:
• 8 Critical Steps to Creating Empathy in the Workplace:
• How to Build Empathy and Strengthen Your School Community: