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Personal Management Merit Badge Vocabulary

Something you own or possess that has value
The increase in value of an asset between the time the
asset is bought and the time it’s sold
A situation that occurs when a person concludes his or her
normal working life, usually at an older age
A specific purpose or destination
Interest paid or computed only on the original principal of a
loan or the beginning amount in an account
A bank account that checks can be written against
The things people desire to make life more comfortable or
pleasant, but don’t necessarily need for survival
The steps or tasks to be accomplished to reach a goal.
A card, usually made of plastic, used to withdraw money or
pay for purchases directly from the cardholder’s bank
A financial institution that provides banking services only to
a certain group of people with a common bond, such as
employees who work for the same company
Money left from a paycheck after an employer has taken
deductions for taxes, Social Security, and other items, such
as health insurance
Water gas an electricity; sometimes included in the cost of
rent, sometimes not
A financial situation where a person or persons own all or
part of a company, real estate or other asset
Profits that a company pays to the people who own shares
of that company
An imaginary interest rate that reflects the true interest rate
of a loan because it takes into account various fees and
Loaning money to a company or government in return for
its promise to repay the principal, plus interest
Buying an item now and paying for it later
Things people must have to survive, such as food, clothing
shelter, and medical care.
The profit from or an increase in value of an investment
Money given for temporary use, on the condition that it be
repaid, usually with interest
A financial association that holds and pays interest on the
savings of its members and invests mainly in home
mortgage loans
A spending or savings plan that shows what income you
receive, how you plan to spend it, and how you actually
spend it
The act of taking money out of a financial account
1. Annual Percentage Rate
2. Asset
3. Bank
4. Bartering
5. Budget
6. Buying on Credit
7. Capital Gain
8. Checking Account
9. Compound Interest
10. Credit Bureau
11. Credit Union
12. Debit Card
13. Debt Deposit
14. Discretionary Income
15. Diversification
16. Dividends
17. Electronic Banking
18. Goal
19. Income
20. Interest
21. Investment
22. Loan
Money a person or family receives that can be spent
The act of placing money into a financial account, such as a
checking or savings account
A financial institution that holds people’s money for
The act of exchanging or trading goods or services
Banking by telephone, home computer, or automated teller
An increase in financial value
Being responsible for yourself, your money, your time, and
your future
What an investment pays directly in income; might be in the
form of interest, dividends, or rental income from property
Refers to the various ways by which people protect
themselves against risks, especially risks that can cause
serious financial loss
Interest paid or computed on the principal amount plus the
interest that the principal has earned previously and that
has been left in the account
The act of writing checks on an account for more money
than is in it
The act of putting money into several different investments
The combination of an investment’s yield and it’s profit or
Something owed to someone; including an obligation to pay
back what is owed
A loan where the lender can take possession of whatever
you bought with the money you borrowed if you fail to make
A summary of a person’s work experience and careerrelated accomplishments
A company that keeps track of credit histories of individuals
The basic amount of money invested or the basic amount
of money due on a debt
A part or a share of a company
Income that you can spend as you choose; income that
does not have to be spent to pay debts or meet expenses
Something people put money into with the goal of getting
even more money back
A bank account that earns interest, and that usually
requires written authorization on a special form (withdrawal
slip) before withdrawal can be made
A charge for borrowing money
23. Loaned Investment
24. Needs
25. Objectives
26. Overdraw
27. Owned Investment
28. Personal Management
29. Principal
30. Profit
31. Retirement
32. Return
33. Risk Management
34. Savings Account
35. Savings and Loan
36. Secured Loan
37. Simple Interest
38. Stock
39. Take-home Pay
40. Total Return
41. Utilities
42. Wants
43. Withdraw
44. Yield