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Sport and health are closely related. Generally speaking
health has several components and sport is one of them. Others are
healthy diet, hasteless and calm lifestyle, being in harmony with
yourself and with others and positive attitude, of course. Sport is
regarded more as a component of physical health.
However, everybody knows that healthy body means
sound mind. Sport is mostly associated with young people, but that’s a
false opinion. Many old people also regularly exercise. Nowadays,
there are several ways to keep fit.
First is to do regular morning exercises. Second is to
exercise during the day through cycling, roller-skating, walking in the
park, jogging, swimming, ice-skating etc. And the third way is to
attend specialized fitness – centers, which can be found nearly
everywhere now. They offer wide opportunities for people with
different needs. They are often combined with swimming-pools or icerinks. There are many opportunities for such exercises as yoga,
aerobics, karate, belly dancing, body building, weightlifting, and a
simple work out in the gym.
A healthy lifestyle is one
which helps to keep and improve your
health and well-being. There are many
different things that you can do to live a
healthy lifestyle, such as eating healthy,
being physically active, maintaining a
healthy weigh, and managing your
stress. However, a healthy lifestyle isn’t
just about healthy eating and exercise, it
also about taking care of the “whole you”
– your physical, mental, emotional, and
spiritual well-being. And, that means
taking care of you from the inside out.
Even though there are many
common ways to live a healthy lifestyle,
actually doing it looks different for
everyone, and means something different
from one person to the next. Regardless
of what you choose to do, living a healthy
lifestyle is a key component to disease
prevention, wellness, and longevity.
Being mindful of your diet, physical
activity and stress levels allows you to
effectively balance all aspects of your life
and the “whole you”.
Those people who go in for sports, lead a healthy lifestyle, follow a diet and control their weight tend to be more
cheerful and are less susceptible to diseases. On the other hand, those people who don't participate in any physical activity
and prefer junk food tend to be subjected to obesity and are at risk of heart and vascular diseases. As a matter of fact, the
problem of obesity is one of the most pressing in the modern world. Physical exercises are also the perfect way for emotional
release. To improve school performance it is essential for school children to balance mental stimulation and physical activity.
Besides, it is necessary to mention that supporters of healthy life style are also at much less risk of getting involved in
drinking alcohol, taking drugs and other bad habits than those who are addicted to computer games, instead. In addition,
sports develop the will for victory, as well as caseharden the constitution and the spirit. Sports also create opportunities to
find congenial souls with common interests and values. That feeling that you are a part of the team can help to develop your
leadership skills and to boost your self-esteem.
A healthy lifestyle is a valuable
resource for reducing the incidence
and impact of health problems, for
recovery, for coping with life
stressors, and for improving quality of
life. There is a growing body of
scientific evidence that shows our
lifestyles play a huge part in how
healthy we are. From what we eat and
drink, to how much exercise we take,
and whether we smoke or take drugs,
all will affect our health, not only in
terms of life expectancy, but how long
we can expect to live without
Conditions such as heart disease,
cancer, diabetes, joint disease, and
mental illness are responsible for a
vast number
of deaths and
disabilities. Currently, we rely almost
exclusively on the provision of
clinical care by highly trained health
professionals as our major strategy to
deal with these conditions. Many
health problems can be prevented or
at least their occurrence postponed by