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burn case study

Case Study Lab
Dan, age 38, owns a catering service. He is preparing a spaghetti dish for a catering order. While draining the
spaghetti, he spills some of the water over his right hand and arm and burns both areas. He immediately runs
his arm and hand under cold water, but he notices his right arm is starting to blister. A co-worker drives him to
the nearest hospital’s emergency room. The ER physician says he has second degree burns of his right arm
and first degree burns of his right hand.
1. Describe the appearance of Dan’s right arm and right hand according to your knowledge of the
appearance of these kinds of burns.
2. Did Dan experience pain in his arm or hand?
3. What layers of skin are involved with a first and second degree burn?
4. If you were the physician, how would you treat each burn?
5. What other body functions may be affected because of the burn?
6. How long should it take for these areas to heal?
7. List safety precautions Dan should take to prevent future accidents.
8. A factor in the color of a person’s skin is determined by its pigmentation. Explain the mechanism of
skin pigmentation and the factors that affect it.
A friend obtains a nicotine patch to help her stop smoking. She asks you how something she puts on
her skin can work. How do you reply?
10. Your 90 year old grandmother has had a stroke and has been in a nursing home for about 3 months.
On your last visit you noticed a red, blistered area on the back of her leg. Name your grandmother’s
skin condition, its stage of development and the proper treatment.