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Religion write-up

Andrei Ciceu
Mr. Atletico
HRE 101
December 6th, 2019
Religion Mandala Write-up
For my mandala I chose to do the story of Adam and Eve, which is where I got my
symbols from. The first symbol is the apple in the middle of my mandala. The apple represents
the fruit that Adam and Eve ate after being tempted by the serpent. The apple is red as it
represents the original sin that came from eating the fruit. The green on the leaf represents that it
came from the Tree of Life, meaning that the fruit is a blessing and a curse. My next symbol are
the serpents around the apple, eating the other serpent's tail. The serpent represents evil as it was
Satan in disguise. The serpent is red to also represent evil, and the serpents eating each other’s
tails represent how God made the serpent into a creature representative of evil. The next symbol,
the flaming sword, represent the sword that is guarding the Garden of Eden. The flaming swords
are also near the roots in my mandala, to represent the sword protecting the tree of life and its
roots, and the swords are also really close to the humans’ heads to represent that the sword will
kill any humans who try to eat of the fruit of life ever again. My next symbol are the roots. Those
roots represent the roots of the tree of life, as it is rooted onto the humans in my mandala. That
represents that since Adam and Eve had eaten of the fruit of life, all other humans have the
original sin when they are born. The roots are green to represent that the roots are full of life,
coming from the Tree of Life. My second to last symbol are the humans in my mandala. The
humans represent all other humans on the Earth, as there are both male and female people in it.
The humans are not coloured in, as to represent that humans come from many different
ethnicities, but all humans came from the first humans, Adam and Eve. The last symbol in my
mandal is the yellow background throughout the whole mandala. Yellow represents the light of
God that is coming from the Fruit of Life and the roots in the middle of the mandala. The light is
pouring out from the middle from the apple, and the roots help carry the light on. The line are
presenting the beams of light coming from the middle.
Paragraph how they didn’t show faith (Adam and Eve story they don’t show faith)
In my story, Adam and Eve showed how the didn’t believe in God at all. Eve was
tempted by the serpent, who is Satan, to eat from the Tree of Life. She did so even after being
told by God not to. She did it because the serpent told her that she could become like God, telling
her it would open her eyes. She went against God’s word, and even convinced Adam to eat also.
Doing this caused their eyes to be open, which is why we have to be baptised, to cleanse
ourselves of the original sin. After they did this, they were too scared of God that they tried to
hide from God, their creator. This story shows how they went against their faith and disobeyed
God in a big way