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8th grade

Alliance Academy Jordan
English / CS Department
Name: ____________
Date: ___________
Academic Year 2019-2020
Grade Eight
Subject: 1st month exam
Grammar 30 Points
1. Write a description for the following, using persuasive devices and language.
(3 Points)
A used car that is for sale
2. Put apostrophes for possession in the right place in the phrases below. (3
A. A guest should be blind in another mans house.
B. I had to take Sams phone away because he didn't pass his English
C. The fairies wings glistened in the moonlight.
3. Put the missing prepositions in the gaps below. (4 Points)
Charlie’s dog was missing and she started looking around the house
it. She opened her closet and looked
the dog was not there. She went to the bedroom and crawled
the floor to look
the bed.
4. Put the correct verb, ‘lie’ or ‘lay’ in the correct tense in the gaps below. (3
A. Mrs.Amar
B. The water bottle is
C. Sammy
the stapler on the desk.
on the floor.
the books out in front of him to decide
which one he wanted to buy.
5. Give me a word with the following prefixes (3 Points)
A. Auto
B. Un
C. Re
6. Insert commas in the correct places in the sentences below. (4 points)
A. We can meet before English class during lunch or after school.
B. The teacher called on Bob and John began to anwer.
C. Amy followed the recipe carefully because she had never made cupcakes
7. Use a verb, noun, adjective, and adverb in sentences below, and underline
each of them. (4 Points)
8. Tell me the difference between a biography and autobiography. (3 Points)
9. Tell me the difference between a diary and journal. (3 Points)