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Outline of Topics
In Brief
Inductive Research
Inductive Research Involves the Following Types
Deductive Research
Difference Between Inductive and Deductive Research
In Brief
Practically, in all fields of research, proof for a specific situation is not
possible; only the scientist makes evidence of that situation and draws
inference by Data Collection. Similarly, a hypothesis cannot be
shown. Instead, it makes evidence of being right. Now what makes
sense is establishing the evidence by inductive and deductive
research methods with past data.
Now, let us look at the topic whether my research will be an inductive or deductive or you can say
qualitative or quantitative?
If you want to validate an existing or a known theory, then your research is deductive.
However, if you're going to do analytical research or develop a new approach based on the
sample data, then it is inductive.
In some situation, the study may be both deductive and inductive depending upon the research
problem at hand and the complexity of the problem.
The statistical support services offered the inductive research with different types.
Inductive Research
Inductive research makes an inference from the logical facts.
For instance, if your friend has good taste in food and recommends a specific
recipe for you to try, you may think that the method will be useful to eat.
In other words, if there is no existing literature related to your study, and you are
developing a new theory, then your research is inductive.
The main limitation of the Inductive Analysis is that it can invalidate the inference
and produce bias.
Types Of Inductive Research
Study by generalization – Here, the conclusion is based on generalization. For
example, a crow cannot be white. Therefore, it becomes a generalization of a crow,
probably in colour other than white.
Research through statistical approach – Conclusions based on the statistics. Example:
statistics say 80% of the crows are black, therefore if you select a random sample of
crows then it results in the same conclusion that mostly the crows are black.
Research-based on a sample – Conclusions are made on the sample taken. Example:
The crows in New Delhi are all black; therefore, the crows in other region are also black.
Research-based on analogous – Here, the inference is based on comparable results.
Example, imagine you have other bird similar to crow; thus, one can say that all crows are
probably black.
Research-based on Prediction – Here, we predict the inference through past samples.
For example, I went to India last year and noted that all crows are black; therefore if I visit
again, probably all crows are still black.
Research-based on causal inference – Here, the conclusion is based on casual
understanding. Example, you know all crows are black, if you look at some bird in a
building and you conclude that it may be a crow.
Deductive Research
In deductive research, the inference cannot be a false statement concerning the past
findings. You conduct the research with a known theory, develop a research
hypothesis, and test the methods with the data collected for a valid conclusion.
In this type of research, the hypothesis is already framed, and we collect evidence to
support the inference. For example, if X is equal to Y, and Z is equal to X, then Z=Y.
Let us consider our crow example; you concluded that all crows are black by taking a
sample often. This hypothesis is correct in all situations. Thus, it can also be
considered as deductive research.
Difference Between Inductive and Deductive Research
The main difference between the
inductive and deductive research
is that deductive research is to test
the theory.
Deductive research is based on
known facts, and inductive
identifies new patterns.
The inductive research is to generate
the new theory from existing data.
Inductive research is qualitative and
deductive research is quantitative in
Data analysis services provide the
inductive and deductive researches.
Inductive researches involve seeking new patterns with the observations and
make it as a theory and deductive researches involve analyzing the data with
already proven theory and test the hypotheses of interest.
Deductive method of research yields a perfect and valid inference than
inductive research.
Inductive research is the most widely used Research Methodology in practice.
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