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For me, the most enjoyable and satisfying part of running a business is the recruitment, training and
development of staff. We have a strong emphasis on our team members, and the structure of the firm
often surprises people: top professional support staff run both offices, which allows the lawyers to
concentrate on client service.
As technology continues to evolve and change, so will the core skills across all job families. In order
to create value for employees, organizations must take a tailored, hyper-personalized approach. Big
data and predictive analytics can help firms use employee data to recommend learning opportunities.
But the use of employee data can give rise to privacy concerns.
Be accountable
Is it more challenging to lead people who are strong leaders in their own right? At times,
absolutely. The stronger those I lead are, the more it requires me to go to new levels in
improving my leadership skills. Although I'm a very strong leader, being around our leaders
stretches and challenges me on a constant basis.