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Graphic Organizer Lesson 14 World War II Pacific Theater Great Depression and World War II Unit

Pacific Theater
By the end of the lesson, SWBAT describe the major battles
of the Pacific theater during World War II.
Island Hopping
Aircraft Carrier
Code Talkers
1. During the
battles in the Pacific, the U.S.
and the other
2. Often times, the Japanese used
to make dive bombs into the
Allied Powers’ aircraft carriers.
3. Why did the U.S. use an island hopping strategy in the
Pacific theater?
4. During that time, the Allies captured important islands
such as New Guinea, and
5. Why did the Allied Powers have to use code talkers?
Winter 1945
Dear Nancy,
The war is getting really tiring. I cannot believe that an
area that has such natural beauty can be so horrible.
Although I am surrounded by the bluest water in the world,
and I see the most exotic islands on Earth, I am constantly
living in fear of dying. Sometimes I think I will die when I
invade the different Axis controlled islands. Other times, I
think I will die on the air craft carrier because of all of the
kamikaze pilots that fly around.
However, we are getting closer to invading Japan and
that is a good thing. Slowly, we are taking island by island.
The other day we had a huge victory when after a weeks
battle, we took over the island called Iwo Jima. The fight
was really bloody. My best friend Captain Mason was shot.
He is battling for his life on the hospital ship.
I must leave now, but I will write soon. Say hi to Rusty
the dog for me and of course Mom.