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Statistics And Its Types

Statistics refers to the science of gathering and interpreting data and information in the form of numerical as large quantities, in the form of representative samples. It can also be used to conclude and explain the collected data and information. There two major types of statistics namely:

Descriptive statistics

Inferential statistics

Descriptive Statistics

The numerical data that has been used to describe or explain a phenomenon is referred to as descriptive statistics. All the numerical figures, facts, or any sort of data a piece of information that is inferred to explain the situation along with a proper description is what we refer to as the descriptive statistics. There are two main types of descriptive statistics namely:

Numerical statistics

Pictorial statistics


Inferential Statistics

While using inferential statistics, one tries to reach out to conclusions that are already extended beyond the data collected alone. Inferential statistics are used to form conclusions from the collected data to a more common condition. It is said to be a generalised prediction and estimation that is based on a sample about a population.


Troubles Students Face While Preparing A

Statistics Assignment

Collecting data and then analysing the same using different types of statistics is a difficult task to do; post which, preparing an assignment for the same is again a task that is supposed to take up long hours of hard work and stress. There are many times when students tend to miss out on assignment submission such as:

Lack of subject knowledge

Lack of time

Involvement in extra activities such as internships and part-time jobs, etc

Not well-versed with the assignment writing style and format.


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