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NYC Wedding Photography:
Our Approach To Your Wedding Day
So you’re searching for NYC wedding photography
and thinking of hiring us to shoot your wedding. As
expected, you must have a few questions about our
approach to your wedding photography. The good news is
that it’s all very simple. When it comes to photographing
your wedding, there’s one key thing that we focus on, and
that is telling your story! You see, to us every couple is
unique and every wedding is unique. It doesn’t matter if
we shoot 10 couples dressed similarly in the same exact
venue… no couple is alike, and no photos will be alike.
We pride ourselves on being able to completely capture
the one-of-a-kind story of your biggest and your most
unforgettable day.
Our approach is unobtrusive, we like to be stealthy. We
promise: You never have to worry about us interfering
with your wedding, and we avoid faking or directing
photos (except the formal images of the bridal party and
their families). We do make sure that everyone is
comfortable and looks their absolute best.
NYC wedding photography style
As you can see from browsing our website, NYC wedding
photography is one of our specialties and we love capturing the
feel of New York City in your photos. We’re known for shooting
from unexpected angles in order to emphasize that New
York style. Of course, not all of the weddings we shoot are in
New York City, but we use this style no matter where our travels
take us for weddings.
As a husband and wife NYC wedding photography team, we are
equal in our talents. Although we often work separately, we
have the same style. We also have second shooters that come with
each of us. If you’d like to book us both for your wedding, we’re
often available together upon request.
Meeting you and preparing a photography timeline
When it comes to meeting you and your significant other before the
wedding, we often use FaceTime or Skype. This allows you to chat
with us in the comfort of your own home. We would love however to
meet you in person if you’d like that! We can meet anywhere in
Manhattan, and during our meeting, we’ll go through an explanation
of how your day will go. You can also ask us any questions that you
have during this time as well.
If you’re wondering about the photography timeline on your big day,
we typically create your pre-wedding photography timeline ourselves.
We base this on the location you’re using and your specific needs. We
don’t allow others (such as wedding planners) to interfere with that
but of course take any requests into consideration, as we know
exactly what is needed. For example, if your video crew needs extra
time, they are absolutely welcome to have it!
As for your wedding timeline, we rely on the venue and the planners
for that.
To know more about our services, please feel free to
reach us anytime!
Address: 330 E 46th St
New York City
10017, NY
United States
Phone Number: 212-256-1646
Email ID: [email protected]