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Quiz on Energy

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8th Grade Physical Science – Quiz #1 on Energy
1. What does the Law of Conservation of Energy state?
A. Energy cannot be created of destroyed.
B. It may be transformed from one form into another.
C. The total amount of the energy will never change.
D. All of the above.
2. What is energy?
A. The ability to do work.
B. Science doesn’t matter.
C. The energy of a stored object.
D. The force that is exerted times the distance over which it is
3. What is power? **Circle ALL that apply**
A. The sun is power.
B. The rate of work done.
C. The rate at which energy is expanded.
D. The movement of an object.
4. What is the correct formula for FORCE?
A. Force X Distance
B. Work / Time
C. Power X Time
D. Mass X Acceleration
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5. How is all energy divided? Fill in the diagram below.
All Energy