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Use the following four questions and sub-questions to investigate a
stressful belief. (Some of the sub-questions will not apply.)
1. Is it true?
Close your eyes,be very still, drop in deeply as you contemplate a yes or a no.
(If your answer is yes, continue to question 2.
If your answer is no, skip to question 3.)
2. Can you absolutely know that it’s true?
Please answer with yes or no.
Possible follow-up (use only when appropriate):
¾ Can you absolutely know that it’s true, in this moment right now?
3. How do you react when you believe that thought? What happens?
Possible follow-up (use only when appropriate):
¾ Where do you feel it in your body when you think that thought?
Close your eyes. Describe what you feel.
¾ How have you treated that person, the situation, and others when you
believed that thought? What did you say and do? Be specific.
¾ How do you treat yourself when you believe that thought?
What addictions, if any, do you experience? (cigarettes, food, internet, alcohol,
shopping, chocolate, television…)
¾ Where and when did that thought first occur to you? Describe briefly what your life
was like before that thought first occurred to you.
¾ Where does your mind travel when you believe that thought? (List any
underlying beliefs and question them later.)
¾ Does this thought bring peace or stress?
4. Who would you be without the thought?
Possible follow-up (use only when appropriate):
¾ Who or what are you without your story?
¾ Who are you – in this moment – without the thought?
Turn the thought around.
Statements can be turned around to yourself, to the other and to the opposite (“Joe lied to
me” becomes “I lied to myself,” “I lied to Joe,” “Joe did not lie to me”). Statements can also
be turned around to “my thinking” wherever it applies. (My thinking lies to me.)
Find when possible or appropriate three genuine examples where each turnaround is as
true as or truer than the original statement.
¾ Do you see any other turnarounds?
¾ I see a turnaround. Would you like to hear it?
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