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Growth Mindset Affirmations

Growth Mindset Affirmations
Read the following growth mindset affirmation:
1. I can learn anything because I was born to learn.
2. I take ownership of my mistakes of my mistakes and learn from them.
3. I do not let setbacks keep me from accomplishing goals.
Now you and your partner will come up with your own five unique growth mindset
affirmations. Here are some suggestions in how to start your affirmations:
I can...
I do not...
I know...
I believe...
I take...
I encourage...
I celebrate...
4. I am capable of doing difficult things!
5. I don’t always get what I wish for, but do get what I work for!
6. I see value in failure because I learn something new!
7. With effort and determination, I can succeed!
8. When I learn new things I become smarter!
9. I do not give up when I don’t succeed!
10. When I work on something difficult my neurons get stronger!
Half a point extra for each additional affirmation you and your partner come up with after 10.
11. I ask for help when I need it.
12. I embrace new challenges.
13. I can learn anything.
14. I strive to do my best.
15. I cheer myself up when it gets hard.
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