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Oh the irony!

Oh the irony!
A literary technique (rhetorical device)
used to show or create a contrast
between what is expected and what is
× Situational
× Dramatic
× Verbal
When the opposite of what we expect
When the audience has more information
about the circumstances than the
The audience is in on a secret.
What emotions can
dramatic irony help
When we say one thing but mean another.
George cancels a date with his girlfriend
so he can go to a ball game with his
friends. At the concession stand, he runs
into his girlfriend with another guy.
(what type of irony is this?)
Situational irony
-We did not expect to see George’s
girlfriend there with another guy.
You are watching a horror movie. You
know the monster is hiding behind the
closet door waiting for the main character
to get closer. The main character goes to
open the closet door without knowing
what awaits.
Dramatic Irony
-You, as the audience, know what the main
character does not.
Verbal Irony
- She does not mean what she says about
the skirt.
Dramatic Irony
- We know what will happen to the
unsuspecting child.
Situational irony
-We do not expect the fire station to burn.